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The modern round side stool PACCO with concrete top and three solid steel legs is a stylish piece of furniture that adds an industrial touch to your home. The smooth, robust concrete slab and...

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The solid wood stool WAIST 46 is turned from one oak trunk by hand. The perfectly round and slightly waisted shape is a conscious counterpart to the original and pure charm of the solid wood...

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The square side stool TAREGG is a versatile and uncomplicated solution for additional storage space. It is made of a solid oak wood top supported by 4 robust steel hairpin table legs. The...

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The TAROND tripod side stool is the perfect combination of elegance and functionality. Made from high-quality oak and supported by three tapered metal legs, this stool blends effortlessly into...

589.00 €

The hand-turned wooden stool WAIST 46 is made of solid oak and convinces with its perfectly turned, slightly waisted shape, which deliberately contrasts with the original charm of the wood...

445.00 €

The side stool KLOTZKI is the flexible solution for a modern and unconventional life style.
Together with the Klotzki 30 or several small Klotzki 20 next to each other, the handmade...

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Whether as a side table next to the bed, as a storage unit in the living room or instead of a coffee table - there are many areas of application for QUADRO.
The handmade cube is made of...

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The side stool KLOTZKI is the flexible solution for a modern and unconventional lifestyle.
Together with the Klotzki 30 or several small Klotzki 20 next to each other, the handmade stools...

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The oak side stool TAREGG is supported by 4 hairpin legs. The conically beveled undersides of the tabletop make the stool appear light and elegant and adapt to any room. Whether as a small...

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The MACC marble stool reflects robustness and elegance at the same time and is characterised by an individual, hand-hewn marble top, making each stool an individual work of art. The legs of...

445.00 €

The wooden stool KLOTZKI is a flexible solution as a small mobile storage table for many rooms. Whether as a side table in the bathroom, as a bedside table in the bedroom or as a coffee table...

429.00 €

The occasional stool TAROND made of oak is supported by 3 conically shaped metal legs. The beveled underside of the top makes the small table look light and elegant and adapts effortlessly to...

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Stools - Furniture with long history

Stools have a very long history and became known as stools in ancient times, which in the old sense meant a footstool. Stools are simple pieces of seating furniture without a backrest and differ from a chair in their absence of armrests and backrests. The first stools with a functional seat height were the three-legged stools; we are all familiar with the milking stool, which is tied around the stomach with a leather strap and has only one leg.

Already in the Middle Ages, the stool was the most common seating furniture next to the bench, while the chair was reserved mainly for high society until the 16th century.

Today, there are many different types of stools that find a variety of uses as simple seating furniture or side stools. Whether as a simple seat stool, rotating or folding stool, as a pouf or footstool on the sofa, there is a suitable stool for every purpose. Bar stools are also particularly popular for kitchen counters or in bars.

Stools - Mobile seats & side tables

For a long time, stools were just practical small pieces of furniture, but this has changed completely over the years. Nowadays, kitchen stools, step stools, bar stools, couch stools or even sleeping stools have become an integral part of our furnishings and are important stylish elements. Stools are also very suitable as side tables to create small storage areas. Due to their mobile size, they can be placed exactly where they will be used. The use of stools allows a variety of possibilities and finds a purpose in every room:

Seat stools

Stools have a comfortable seat height and, as the name already suggests, are suitable for sitting on and are a space-saving alternative to armchairs and chairs. For additional seating when guests come over, there are also stackable or foldable stools that can be stored in a space-saving way. The WAIST stools by uccellino not only look beautiful, they are also very comfortable to sit on, even without upholstery, as they are slightly higher and the back remains straight when sitting.

Stools with storage space

A stool with storage space has an empty inside that can be accessed through a removable lid or flap. As a toy box in the children's room, but also as an alternative to a laundry basket in the bathroom or bedroom, a storage stool is a stylish way to easily create order. In the living room, too, there are all kinds of things to store - from magazines to knitting utensils. Upholstered lids additionally create a comfortable place to sit.

Upholstered stools

The upholstered stool is one of the classical pieces in the living room that can be used to extend sofas or couch landscapes - whether as a complement to the existing style or as a conscious contrast. Usually, upholstered stools are slightly lower and are particularly suitable in front of the armchair or sofa to rest the feet comfortably. With a suitable tray, the upholstered stool becomes a stable storage surface on which glasses and snacks can be safely placed.

Bathroom stools

Practical and functional stools are also available for the bathroom, whereby the stool design in the bathroom is particularly characterised by water-resistant materials, as water and high humidity often dominate in the bathroom. Shower stools are therefore usually made of plastic or stainless steel and are therefore rustproof and resistant to water and moisture.

Kitchen stools

Stools in the kitchen are a particular eye-catcher and very popular for the small breakfast table. No matter what style of furnishing your kitchen has - stools simply fit beautifully at every counter or kitchen island, and are also used as bar stools and swivel stools.  Stools in the kitchen can have several functions and, depending on the design, also provide additional storage space. If the stool is height-adjustable, it can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Bar stools

With a seat height of 60 to 85 cm, bar stools are higher than seat stools and are often equipped with a small footrest so that you can both sit comfortably on them and lean against them while half standing. Nowadays, bar stools are not only found in cult pubs, but increasingly in open kitchens with high counters. They create a cosy and cool atmosphere for a coffee in between, a small breakfast or for a cosy chat while the cook is at the cooker. The solid wood stools Waist 70 by uccellino, with their height of 72 cm, are perfectly suitable as bar stools in your four walls.

Side stools

As a mobile small storage surface, side stools take up little space and can be placed wherever you need them. Whether next to the sofa or armchair as a shelf for a book, a glass of wine or a mobile phone - they keep everything close at hand.  Side stools are also used in the bedroom, whether with a drawer or as a solid wooden block, they provide storage space right next to the bed. Several side tables in different or the same heights replace every coffee table.  At uccellino you will find beautiful side stools made of solid wood, also in combination with metal.

Flower stools

Flower stools, which present your favourite plants in style and put the plants at eye level, are becoming more and more popular. They fit easily into niches and corners and are usually made of wood or metal.

Material & Design

While stools used to be rather simple stools with a plain design, the shapes and colours of today's stools are anything but unimpressive. Whether swivel stools or folding stools, sitting stools - with or without upholstery or with an adjustable seat height - there are countless variations in shape, material and colour.  The different materials make a decisive contribution to the style of a stool. The number of stool legs also plays a decisive role. 

  • Wood
    Solid wooden stools bring a piece of pure nature into every room and are usually made of one piece, sometimes as a solid piece of wood without legs, or as a top with filigree metal legs. Whether round or square, made of different types of wood such as Douglas fir, oak or cedar, they not only function as stools, but also as solid side tables in any room. At uccellino you will find solid wooden stools made of oak and Douglas fir in different surface treatments.
  • Leather
    They are available in very noble designs and natural leather colours such as cognac, dark brown and beige - but also in bright colours such as blue, red, orange and yellow, most of which also have a rather playful or romantic effect in terms of design. Upholstered stools with fur cover exude a rustic country atmosphere. Easy-care and elegant are imitation leather stools that can also be used outdoors - and are also available in many different colours.
  • Textiles
    Poufs and seating cubes are available in a wide variety of materials such as cotton, felt, velvet, wool or linen. They are very popular for homely areas. A seat stool made of linen complements an interior with a lot of wood very nicely, velvet, on the other hand, looks noble and complements furniture made of stainless steel and chrome very nicely. In purple or royal blue, velvet looks almost majestic. Stools with cotton covers are available in patterned designs or plain colours - find the right complement to your existing furnishings or deliberately go for a contrast.