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The wall mount wine rack SCALA vino with its simplicity fits in the kitchen as well as in the dining and living room and brings out each wine bottle perfectly. The oak back panel is available...

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Wine racks - Stylish storage of wine bottles

Wine racks combine functionality and aesthetics to present your precious wine bottle collection stylishly and safely. Wine racks are not just practical storage solutions, but stylish pieces of furniture that keep your wine bottles safe and attractive.

The world of wine racks offers an impressive variety, from wall-mounted wine racks and stackable wine rack systems to stylish wine crates that are suitable for a wide range of uses and room designs. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, glass and plastic. Your choice depends on your personal taste and the space available.

uccellino wine racks - Perfect combination of style & function

Whether you are a passionate wine connoisseur or an occasional wine drinker, a uccellino wine rack is an excellent way to store a fine drop in style and create a stylish and high-quality atmosphere in your home. uccellino wine racks combine storage space and decoration in an elegant way and are the ideal solution for wine lovers.


Wine racks from uccellino are designed to store your wine bottles safely and professionally. They have horizontally arranged compartments in which the bottles can be placed effortlessly. Horizontal storage not only saves space, but also promotes the maturing process of the wines - the open shelf shape also allows easy access.


uccellino wine racks are not only characterized by their functionality, but also impress with their high-quality design. The simple elegance, combined with high-quality materials, gives each individual wine rack a touch of luxury. Whether you place it in the dining room next to the dining table or integrate it into the kitchen, the wine rack blends seamlessly into your existing interior and adds a stylish accent


As a wine lover, you like to have your wine close at hand - the compact wall shelves from uccellino are an ideal solution. These shelves do not take up any additional floor space and are particularly suitable for niches, kitchens or dining rooms. They allow you to choose between single and multiple holders, depending on how many bottles you want to store. The elegantly designed shelves not only allow for an extremely space-saving arrangement, but also present your wine in an extremely stylish stacked look that also serves as elegant decoration.uccellino wine racks - the perfect combination of style & function.