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The plant pots FLEUR in concrete - look give a modern flair to any garden, terrace or balcony. Due to the simple square shape made of glass fiber reinforced natural cement, the planters are...

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With the planter FLEUR | tower a piece of design comes into your garden, terrace, balcony or office. The clear and simple shape in combination with the modern concrete look and the height of...

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Our large plant and flower boxes are perfect for giving creative design ideas the right space. The robust material concrete provides the necessary framework with its natural and modern look...

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Planters pots - More than just a cover

The right planter pots is like the right shoes for people. Like shoes, plant pots have a "fashion function" in addition to their protective function - they simply look great and set beautiful accents as special design elements indoors and outdoors. The right pot is crucially connected to the optimal growth of the plant and is rewarded with lush blossoms and lush greenery. Garden planters on your balcony will turn it into a wellness oasis in no time at all.

Planters pots - Indoor

The uccellino planters pots are suitable for indoor use, for example, as room dividers in the office, decoration for exhibition areas and also always create a cosy atmosphere in your own home. Our planter POT made of riverstone can be used in a variety of ways and, depending on their size, can also be placed on the floor or on a table, chest of drawers or side stool.
The ideal moisture climate prevails in the pots at all times: by planting directly in the planters pot, the stone absorbs excess water and releases it back to the plant over time.

The potting planters FLEUR in concrete look bring generosity into every room and create a wellness oasis due to the modern and at the same time robust look. The large FLEUR|tub planter boxes are suitable as room dividers or privacy screens - Fleur|tower planter column turns every entrance area into a castle entrance. The planters pots FLEUR|cube look very decorative individually or in an ensemble and fit effortlessly into almost any room.

Planters pots - Outdoor

In order to avoid water stagnation in the outdoor potting planters, we have provided the POT plant pots with drainage holes, but they cannot be used indoors after that. 

The FLEUR planters for indoor use, on the other hand, are shipped by uccellino with a closed bottom wall. If you decide to place the plant pots in an unroofed area, it is necessary to drill water drainage holes yourself before planting. To do this, use a classic drill or a cordless screwdriver with a 10 to 12 hole bit. Depending on the size of the plant pot, we recommend drilling several evenly spaced drainage holes.

Planters pots - Planting correctly

For outdoor planters, first place a layer of clay potsherds or weed fleece over the drainage holes. For all planting - both indoors and outdoors - fill in a layer of expanded clay or gravel, with the flower toppers* on top. For the perfect design, it is advisable to additionally insert a water- and root-permeable weed fleece between the drainage layer and the potting soil, which prevents stagnation and the washing out of the plant soil.

Material and shapes

Plant pots FLEUR are currently available in square shapes, which combined with the material concrete look very modern and robust at the same time. The restrained shape shows off plants to their best effect. The rectangular Fleur|tub planter in the classic shape of a plant tub is particularly suitable in a line for enclosing open areas, leaving the view of the garden unobstructed. The large version provides excellent structure for all indoor and outdoor spaces and, with appropriate planting, is a decorative privacy screen or a flexible room divider. Planters Fleur|cube look very decorative individually or in an ensemble and are attractive eye-catchers both indoors and outdoors. The Fleur|tower is particularly suitable for accentuating walls, corners and stairs outdoors as well as entrances and staircases indoors, creating a majestic atmosphere with a planting of colorful flowers or perennials. The concrete planters are available in anthracite and natural light grey concrete, whereby each planter has a slightly different coloring due to the hand production.

The POT stone planters are inorganic and each stone is different in shape and color. The surface of the light-colored version is very smooth, as this stone comes from a river delta, whereas the surface of the stone-grey version is very rough, as the stone comes from the mountains.

Planters pots - The right potting soil

Did you know that commercially available potting soil often consists largely of peat? This rotten plant material is extracted from bogs and can store many times its weight in water. Peatlands as important and species-rich habitats with large carbon reservoirs are destroyed by peat extraction and release large amounts of greenhouse gases. Especially in view of the slow peat formation, peatlands should be protected. Environmentally friendly alternatives are peat-free soils made from wood fibres, bark, compost and coconut. These materials offer similarly good water absorption and are characterised by alkaline properties. Tip: Buy peat-free potting soil and do not be confused by labels such as "peat-reduced" or "low peat", as these sometimes still contain up to 70 percent peat. Also use valuable compost from your garden.