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259.00 €

The design wall shelf SCALA 5 | book impresses with its simplicity and offers space for favorite selected books. The insert boards are made of powder-coated steel and are put into the cut-out...

459.00 €

The bookcase SCALA 10 is for high stacking up to 124 cm. The 10 metal inserts made of powder-coated steel in pocket book width are placed at intervals of 11 cm in the groove of the wooden back...

759.00 €

In the book tower shelf SCALA 15 books and magazines can be stacked up to 180 cm. The 10 small shelves are sized for paperbacks, the 5 large shelves for magazines or illustrated books. The...

459.00 €

Wall shelf SCALA for books has 10 inserts made of powder-coated steel for paperbacks, which are inserted at intervals of 11 cm into the cutouts in the solid wooden back panel. Books are...

425.00 €

SCALA 10, the bookcase wall mount, carries books horizontally stacked on metal inserts made of powder-coated steel, which are inserted into the groove of the oak back panels. The inlays are...

139.00 €

Wall shelves SCALA 2 with 3 hooks and storage are very suitable as a kitchen shelves. Whether for the storage of spices, cook books or other kitchen utensils, the wall shelves keeps everything...

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Bookshelves - Stylish organization for your books

Bookshelves are more than just storage furniture, but rather a personal display area for your collection, where order and aesthetics go hand in hand. 

Bookshelves are perfect helpers to keep books and other items organized and allow books to be easily accessible, making it easier to read and organize your collection.

In addition, bookshelves can also be used to display decorative elements such as plants, artwork and memorabilia. They therefore make a significant contribution to the design of the room.

Bookshelves - For all needs

Bookshelves are available in different versions, including wall shelves and standing shelves. These different types offer a variety of benefits and design options that can be tailored to individual needs and the available space.

First determine your personal storage space requirements and plan your bookshelf according to the available book sizes and quantity. The criteria for paperbacks pose a different challenge to a shelf than large illustrated books, then check the size of your room and the flexibility you need.

Wall shelves - space-saving and modern

Wall shelves are characterized by their space-saving nature. They seem to float on the wall, giving them a modern and airy appearance. They are also perfect for making optimum use of niches. These shelves are the ideal choice for rooms with limited space or if you want the shelf to look light and elegant.

Standing shelves: more storage space, less flexibility

In contrast, standing shelves are free-standing and often offer more storage space. These shelves are particularly suitable if you want to store a large collection of books or many other items. However, they are less flexible in terms of space utilization as they usually take up a fixed space.

Bookshelves - Material & Design

In terms of design, bookshelves can come in different shapes and sizes, from classic rectangular shelves to creative, asymmetrical designs. There are shelves with open compartments and those with doors or drawers to conceal items. Choosing the right type of shelving depends on your individual needs and the space available. 

The design of bookshelves can range from simple and functional to ornate and decorative. Some shelves are minimalist and blend seamlessly into the room, while others feature eye-catching design details and embellishments. The choice of color is also important as it affects the overall look of the room.

Wooden shelves - natural elegance
Wooden bookshelves give your collection the setting it deserves. The natural beauty of the wood and its lively grain create a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to relax and linger. The individual, organic pattern of each piece of wood makes each bookcase unique.

uccellino bookcases - customized solutions

The high-quality solid wood bookcases from uccellino offer the perfect combination of functionality and beauty. They stylishly showcase your books and decorations.

The SCALA shelving system has a multifunctional design and can not only store books, but also showcase decorative objects. Each shelf insert is like a small showcase that provides a stylish setting for your books, magazines, figurines and vases. With a small table lamp in a shelf compartment or targeted spot lighting from above, you can transform your wooden design shelf into a personal gallery.

The well thought-out design of uccellino allows for a tailor-made solution - with different modules, you can present your books standing upright or stack up a seemingly free-floating tower of books. The shelf back panels in different lengths offer plenty of design options.

The shelf inserts can also be turned over with a single movement, turning the bookcase into a magazine rack. Inserts can be removed at any time to provide display space for taller objects such as a vase or candle.
All shelf back panels are available in 4 different colors and 6 different lengths - leaving plenty of design freedom for an entire shelf wall.