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Butter - the taste carrier

Fresh rolls, a delicious spread, toppings and coffee or tea should not be missed from an enjoyable breakfast. In addition to plates, cups and egg cups, the serving dishes usually include a butter dish. This is an ideal storage possibility for butter or margarine. It keeps the spreads cold for longer and prevents the contents from taking on the taste of other foods. With the tins made of wood or marble, the spread also stays fresh and spreadable for a long time. The modern butter dishes by uccellino are a real eye-catcher on every breakfast table and belong to the basic equipment of every household.

Butter vs. margarine 

Butter and margarine are popular spreads on bread and rolls, but they are also often used for cooking and baking. Butter is made from the cream of cow's milk, but sheep's milk and goat's milk are also processed into butter. Sometimes the term butter is also used for vegetable fats such as cocoa butter, shea butter or peanut butter. Margarine as an alternative to butter, on the other hand, is composed of vegetable components, such as sunflower oil, coconut fat, palm fat, cottonseed, rapeseed oil, olive oil, peanut oil, corn oil or soybean oil. It is more durable than animal fat and is packed with important and healthy unsaturated fatty acids. When buying margarine, pay attention to the ingredients listed, because milk components are sometimes added. The designation used for products without milk is usually without lactose or lactose-free.

Function of a butter dish

Butter, as a spread for baked goods and as a natural flavour carrier, is usually stored and served in a tin, thanks to which it stays fresh and cool for a long time and does not lose its flavour or spreadability. This is because the tin also offers protection from the cold of the fridge, which keeps it cool but keeps the golden-yellow spread at a pleasant melting point. The problem of butter that is too cold and crushes the fresh bread when spreading is thus avoided. In the refrigerator, the can closed with a lid also prevents the butter from oxidising and foreign odours from attaching themselves to the butter. Often there is a recess and thus a demarcation on the saucer that holds the top and the butter in place so that the lid does not accidentally slip onto the food. A butter knife is usually used to remove the butter. The storage tins also offer flexible uses so that other foodstuffs, such as a piece of cheese, can also be stored in this tin.

However, butter dishes are not only used for practical storage, but also as decorative eating utensils in the home and in the catering trade. Every living ambience - from classic to modern - is enriched by the simple and shapely containers. The box of modern design is an ideal gift choice for your family, friends or yourself. At uccellino, you will find other products made of marble to match the design of the marble box, such as place settings, plates, vases and small bowls. A dinner service with a wooden butter dish can be complemented, for example, with wooden plates, wooden mugs and wooden carafes.

Material and shape

The butter dishes are made of high quality and are, for example, a healthy alternative to plastic. The smooth surface of the marble is bacteria and dirt repellent and thus enables hygienic storage. Due to the special thermal conductivity of the stone, the marble butter dish can optimally store cold and keep the contents cool longer than other materials. For the use of a spreading knife, the material is also largely cut and scratch resistant. The upper and lower parts are made of one piece and are available in black and white. With its unique pattern, the sturdy stone jar is a particularly elegant table accessory.

The sustainably produced wooden jar ensures an ideal climate when stored in the refrigerator. The ash wood is coated with a waterproof varnish in natural or black colour. The coating protects the wood from dirt and odours. The wooden vessels are much lighter than the marble stone and yet very stable. The robust material of our products guarantees a long life.

Butter was sold in bulk fover a long period of time. To transport the spreadable fat, round butter dishes made of earthenware that protected the dairy product often used, which protected the dairy product from contamination with their lids were often used. It was not until the beginning of industrial packaging of butter that the shape of the tins changed. Today, they are usually rectangular and made of different materials. We offer the ideal designer tin in the right format for the standardised 250 gram piece of butter.

Cleaning and care

Products made of marble and wood are not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. They are best cleaned by hand with warm water. Optionally, a mild detergent or special care product can be used so that the grease can dissolve. Afterwards, the wooden dishes in particular should be dried or rubbed dry with a cloth.