Our claim is to create beautiful things with which we want to grow old...
For us, the basis for this are timeless forms in combination with high-quality and natural materials, which gain beauty and character through the aging process.

Our products are allowed to evolve and are by no means "finished" when they leave our manufactory. Wood is a living material and continues to breathe even after its processing.
Cracks in the wood are for us a stylistic element that can change again and again over time, as well as the color of the wood changes over the years due to sunlight..

We think along with the use - and create designs to live with.

We value handicraft tradition and live the exchange of knowledge with our suppliers and are always curious about what is still possible. We love the challenge of playing with materials and shapes, as well as deviating from common standards. Our ambition is to bring design and art together and integrate them into everyday life.

Nature is our master, from her we let ourselves be inspired and guided.

We make furniture for people who share our appreciation of nature and its beauty. Who, together with us, want to counteract fast-moving trends, plastic floods and the general disposable culture with more sustainable and stable values. As a company, we are very conscious of our responsibility towards the resources of the earth and our fellow human beings, especially in these times.

Our actions are sustainable and long-term.

The selection of our manufacturers* and products is made after careful examination and our selection criteria are based on the principle of reconciling beauty and goodness with fair trade and cooperation.
We also like to present craftsmen and suppliers with new challenges. In close cooperation and our own research, we have accumulated a great deal of expertise over the years, which we can draw on.