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The simple, elegant wooden vase TAILLE does not need an opulent flower bouquet. Small twigs, grasses or a single flower are enough for an impressive decoration in a cozy living ambience. The...

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Flowers look very impressive in the floor vase COLUMN yakisugi, processed with the ancient Japanese burning technique. The contrast between the burnt wood surface of the floor vase in contrast...

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The floor vase COLUMN does not need large bouquets, because it works even with a single flower or a few branches from the garden. The solid oak wood shows natural colour plays within the wood,...

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The angular wooden vase COLUMN 25 looks through the simple design in combination with the natural grain of the oak noble and modern. The vase is made in Germany from one piece of solid oak and...

75.00 €

The Wooden Vase impresses with its simple shape and makes decorating very easy. A single flower, a few grasses and ready. The square vase is made of one piece of solid oak, and looks through...

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Wooden vases TAILLE are slightly waisted in the middle and very decorative both as a single vase and as a set of vases. Already with a single flower or a few grasses you achieve an impressive...

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Wooden Vases

Wooden vases - Natural beauty for your home

Wooden vases radiate a timeless natural beauty that lends any room a warm and inviting atmosphere. With their unique grains and textures, they are fascinating accents that catch every eye.
Wooden vases are a unique way to display fresh or dried flowers in style and their variety of sizes, shapes and styles - from rustic to modern - makes them suitable for any interior style.
As a central object or part of a larger arrangement, wooden vases find their place in many areas and enhance the natural ambience of the home. They are also a popular gift for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

Materials & Design

Wooden vases are made in a variety of shapes and from different types of wood, from straight lines to ornate woodturning. Each type of wood, be it oak, maple, mahogany or walnut, gives the vase its own unique grain and color, making each piece an unique one.

uccellino mainly uses oak wood, which is refined in its own workshop after shaping, using techniques such as smoking, yakisugi, flaming or simple oiling.
Each wooden vase is made with meticulous craftsmanship to enrich your living spaces with natural beauty. From solid wood floor vases to hand-turned table vases, uccellino has a wide selection to suit your needs.

Sustainable decorating with dried flowers

Dried flowers in wooden vases are currently in trend and offer a natural and sustainable alternative to traditional floral decorations. Their durability allows to enjoy the beauty of the arrangements for weeks or even months. The combination of different dried flowers and types of wood offers countless possibilities for unique and creative decorations.
What's more, dried flowers can be recycled or reused, making them an environmentally conscious option.

Decorate naturally with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers also come into their own in wooden vases by using a matching glass insert. From single flowers to larger arrangements, wooden vases offer an interesting mix of textures that will enhance the ambience of any room.

All wooden vases from uccellino are supplied with a matching glass insert.

Care instructions

Due to their robust construction, wooden vases are durable and will last for many years. To preserve their beauty and quality for a long time, we recommend oiling the wood with high-quality oil from time to time. This will make the wood look like new again. Water stains or other soiling can be removed in advance with fine sandpaper.

TIP: When filling up with water, it is important to remove the glass insert, as overflowing standing water in the wood can cause the wood to swell and crack.