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As a minimalist among the tables WAIST 70 provides a pure, individual and modern living atmosphere. Whether as a small kitchen table with the matching stool, as a telephone table, shelf, bar...

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For the round dining table WAIST 70 ++, the pure small table WAIST 70 was combined with a round glass top. This turns the small designer table into a real dining table. The glass top is made...

The black wood top provides a natural and warm look, while the three filigree steel legs give the lightness yet stability.
The small table can be used as an additional storage space, small dining table, or decorative element for a variety of interior styles.
The minimalist design ensures that the side table is unobtrusive yet stylish into any environment - a timeless furniture piece!

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The modern round side table "SLIMBO" with a black ash wood top and three filigree steel legs is an elegant furniture piece that fits into any home.
The black wood top provides a natural...

The TIKKO side table convinces with its high-quality materials and minimalist design. With a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 60 cm, it offers the ideal size as a practical storage surface next to the sofa, armchair or bed. The base of the side table consists of robust concrete, which is not only stable, but also has a modern and industrial charm. The combination of concrete and the gold-coloured anodised stainless steel plate gives the table a unique and elegant look that will find a place in any modern living space. The side table is not only a modern piece of design furniture, but thanks to its practical size, it offers many possible uses as a side table, bedside table or even as a flower stand. With its high-quality workmanship and noble materials, the side table is a piece of furniture that not only looks beautiful, but also offers a long-lasting and robust design.

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The TIKKO side table convinces with its high-quality materials and minimalist design. With a diameter of 40 cm and a height of...

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The round side table TAROND is supported by 3 conical shaped metal legs. The conically beveled undersides of the table top make the small table look light and elegant. The tripod table is...

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Side table DIGG made of solid oak can be used as a round coffee table or a small storage table easily in any living style. Whether for a beautiful decoration with flowers, as a shelf for the...

The side table TAREGG made of oak is supported by 4 hairpin legs. The conically beveled undersides of the table top make the small table look light and elegant.

Whether used for decoration or as a practical storage possibility, serving table or bedside table, it is always an eye-catcher.

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The side table TAREGG made of oak is supported by 4 hairpin legs. The conically beveled undersides of the table top make the small table...

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Whether as a small side table or round coffee table - TABOLA always makes a round figure. The spherical table is turned from a solid trunk of oak like a hemisphere. Cracks in the wood are a...

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The round table Waist 70 with its flamed surface is a real eye-catcher and finds many areas of application. Whether as a small kitchen table with matching stool, as a telephone table, storage...

The surface of the Douglas fir is refined by a complex procedure: A flame process gives the wood a fascinating interplay of dark and light nuances, which are caused by the different degrees of hardness of the material. The wood is then carefully brushed, sanded and treated several times with our high-quality oil - for a smooth, supple finish.
The characterful cracks in the wood are deliberately designed elements that are particularly emphasized by an intensive firing process. This gives the table a burnt, earthy look that emphasizes its rustic character. Each of the round side tables is thus an individual work of art that brings the beauty of nature into your home.

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The round side table TABOLA made of solid Douglas fir is similar to half of a round ball and gives your living space a natural look. With the hemispherical shape in combination with the flamed...

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The designer table WAIST 70 provides a minimalist, pure living atmosphere. Whether as a small table in the kitchen, storage table in the hallway, telephone table or even as a bar stool, the...

The storage table TAEGG finds a use in any room - whether in the living room as a small table for a vase of flowers, as a small bedside table in the bedroom for your book, as a serving table in the dining room or as a shelf in the bathroom, it is everywhere a beautiful eye-catcher.
Supported by 4 hairpin legs and the conical beveled underside of the table top, the small table looks light and elegant.

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The storage table TAEGG finds a use in any room - whether in the living room as a small table for a vase of flowers, as a small bedside table in the bedroom for your book, as...

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The round side table TAROND can be used in many rooms. As sofa table in the living room, small bedside table in the bedroom or storage table in the bathroom it is always an eye-catcher. The...

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Modern bistro table TIKKO impresses with the selection of high-quality materials and a minimalist design. With a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 60 cm, the bistro table is the ideal addition...

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Tables - Furniture with a long tradition

The table is one of the oldest pieces of furniture and first appeared in the culture of ancient Egypt. At that time, it was used for religious purposes, as an altar or as a podium for a pharaoh's sarcophagus.

Later, simple table tops on low wooden frames were placed in front of each one, and people sat on the floor or on the sleeping area during meals. Today, the table is indispensable and we find it in almost every living area.
The dining table and kitchen table are often central meeting places in a house where the whole family gets together to eat. But desks and drawing tables also make it easier for us to work, coffee tables and side tables are small storage areas next to the armchair or sofa. We set up console tables for the purpose of decoration, dressing tables are the place where we store our cosmetics and apply make-up at the mirror.

Tables - More than just a storage space

Tables place equipment and important objects in a position that is comfortable for us. The standing table keeps objects at a height that allows us to do everything conveniently while standing. As a matter of fact, we usually sit at the table, and the height of the table and the height of the chair should be well coordinated. Many tables have drawers or compartments in which items used at the table can be stored, such as a desk or baby changing table.

Dining table

The dining table is a piece of furniture with a fixed place, you go to the table and often each member of the family has their specific place. Table tops are available in countless materials, today very popular in solid wood with a metal base. Whereas in the past almost exclusively 4 table legs supported the top, nowadays there is a wide variety of bases. Dining tables have a width of 75 - 100 cm and a width of 60 - 70 cm should be planned for each seat.

  • Round dining tables promote sociability and communication because everyone can see everyone else with equal clarity. Everyone can speak directly to everyone else and conversation is concentrated between everyone in the middle, rather than at different, separate corners and ends of the table.
  • Where a small to medium dining table is enough in everyday life, the extending table is the ideal solution for visits and parties to bring everyone to one table without having to take up all the space in everyday life.
  • Rectangular dining tables are space-saving and comfortable and can also be placed against the wall if not all seating is needed. If additional space is needed, another table can also be added at any time.

With beautiful napkin rings, candles, place plates and flowers, a simple dining table becomes a charming festive table.

Coffee table

The coffee table is usually placed in the living room in front of the sofa or as a connecting element in a living room landscape and serves as a storage surface for snacks, a drink, the remote control or magazines. They come in different heights, shapes and materials and complement the existing furnishings. The height of a coffee table depends crucially on the seat height of the sofa and is ideally about as high as the upholstery height between 30-50 cm. Models with storage space or a second shelf are ideal if you want to make unwanted things disappear under the tabletop.

If the coffee table is to serve as an additional dining place, a higher version is recommended, or a model that is height-adjustable. A coffee table can also consist of several individual modules and then be delivered to each person individually if required.

  • Round coffee tables are ideal for smaller seating areas or in U-shaped living landscapes.
  • Elongated rectangular shapes harmonise very well with an L-shaped or elongated sofa landscape.

Side table

Side tables are a practical and decorative addition to the furnishings, offering additional storage space in a stylish way. With the small tables, the living ambience can be harmoniously rounded off and effective accents set and storage created, exactly where it is needed. The selection includes a multifaceted range of shapes, materials and colours.
Thanks to their small dimensions, side tables can fit into almost any room and can be used very flexibly. As a presentation surface for vases or decorations or next to the armchair as a shelf for drinks, books and mobile phones, they keep important things close at hand. Side tables also serve well in the kitchen and bathroom. Models that provide additional storage space in the form of a drawer or shelves are suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. Side tables in sets with several heights replace many a coffee table.


The basis and heart of a workplace is a spacious desk, the place where we do our writing and office work. In a separate office room, it provides the space for comfortable and effective work. Equipped with shelves and drawers, it is easy to keep order around and on the desk, so that an overview of all work documents is always maintained. 

Desks come in many different heights and shapes, and a variety of materials and designs are available depending on the space required and the existing furnishings. From simple desks with 4 legs to ergonomically shaped desks with cable ducts, to desks with superstructures for additional storage space.

  • Secretaries are good alternatives to desks when only occasional space is needed for typing or when the office space should not be visible because there is no separate office space.
  • Computer desks are the right choice for a large screen because they offer enough space for the monitor and usually have a pull-out surface for the keyboard. There is plenty of space under the computer desk for servers, printers and loudspeaker boxes.
  • Corner desks make the most effective use of space and offer generous room for computers and for spreading out documents. Most of them are L-shaped and can be placed directly against the wall, but they can also deliberately serve as room dividers. The task area can be changed with a small turn on the office chair.
  • Thanks to their compact shape, laptop desks take up hardly any space and the tabletop can simply be folded away upwards, just like a secretary's desk. This way, a workplace can be created without resembling an office and the living space remains cosy.

Tables - Material & Design

The variety of tables in terms of shape and material is very large and, depending on the use for which the table is required, the selection of the right material is very important in addition to the design. Whether warm wood, easy-care plastic, robust concrete or transparent glass, each material has its own properties. 

  • Wooden table  - warm and cozy
    The most popular material for tables is wood - especially for dining tables, but also for coffee tables, side tables or a desk. Wood looks warm and homely and feels very comfortable. Wooden table tops become more distinctive and stylish with use, a slight patina is desirable. Popular wood types include oak, which is available in both natural oiled and smoked finishes and has a vibrant texture. Nowadays, table tops with a tree edge are highly trendy and the top may look robust and "well-kept used". 
  • Glass table - light and discreet
    In contrast to wooden tables, glass tables tend to be rather light and if the glass top is transparent, they have a rather discreet effect in the furnishings. The base is often made of metal, which can also be very filigree in contrast to wood. If the tabletop is made of transparent glass, the view of the floor remains clear; dyed glass also allows light to shine through, but only vaguely. High-quality glass is particularly impact- and scratch-resistant and, in addition, liquids or stains cannot become absorbed in the material. However, glass always remains cold and fingerprints are quickly visible.
  • Concrete table - modern and hard-wearing
    Furniture made of concrete or combinations with concrete and metal are trendy and bring a modern loft character into your home. Characterised by a cool, rough, unfinished and rather angular look, concrete furniture has a rather masculine effect and can be complemented very nicely with delicate feminine decoration. Since concrete furniture is mainly in very simple shapes, it can be combined very easily with other already existing furnishing styles. Concrete tabletops are also well suited for outdoor use. The material is particularly hard-wearing and durable. Concrete furniture comes in different colours and should have a sealant surface. This protects the tabletop against weathering, dirt and moisture. Unfortunately, concrete is often very heavy.