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Solid and robust looks the stone pillar candle holders CARA made of German Jurassic slate. Two opposite sides of the candle holders reflect the typical surface of the slate, the other two...

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The simple, solid candle holder LUNA, in combination with the stainless steel insert, radiates a timeless elegance that brings atmosphere and comfort to any living ambience. These...

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The simple, solid oak chandelier LUNA in combination with the stainless steel insert radiates a timeless elegance, which brings atmosphere and comfort into every living ambience. The floor...

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Timeless, uncomplicated and natural, the RIVA candleholder from Riverstone decorates every table. The slight deepening in the middle of the natural stone plate is suitable for candles with a...

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The simplen candle holder LUNA of solid oak radiates a timeless elegance in combination with the stainless steel insert that brings atmosphere and comfort to any living ambience. These candle...

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The candle plates RIVA are made of a river stone and are very smooth polished on the surface. Thus, the inner life of the natural stone shows different shades of color. Each stone has a...

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Candlesticks – Present candles in style

Even in times of LED and other state-of-the-art lighting, candles are an integral part of our everyday lives. We use the soft and warm nature of candlelight, to create a feeling of well-being and a cozy atmosphere. And as large as the selection of candles is, as diverse are the possibilities of their presentation, because candles only really come into their own with the right candlestick. They not only give the candles a firm hold and create a non-combustible surface, but they are themselves stylish home accessories that decisively decorate your home. 
At uccelino you will find stylish candlesticks & candlesticks made of wood and stone as well as decorative tealight holders for an atmospheric living ambience.

Candlesticks – Stylish decorations

Candlesticks are not only suitable for table decoration, but also decorate other areas and rooms of your home.

Floor lights

High floor chandeliers feel like they bring the candles’ glow up to eye level. At uccellino you will find floor lights up to 70 cm in height. Lower floor chandeliers create a rather indirect candlelight and fill the room with a warm atmosphere.

Candle plates

You can create a romantic atmosphere with numerous candles at different heights, arranged on a candle plate as a group, for instance on uccellino’s stone slab “Riva”. The stone slab serves not only as a tray to group the candles, but also as protection for leaking wax and as a non-combustible plate.

Tealight holder

Tealights spread coziness and contemplativeness, especially during the Christmas season. Therefore it is convenient that almost all tealight holders are universally suitable for the incorporation of tealights.

Tealight holders are excellent for table decoration, but also very nice in the bathroom next to a cozy bath. Even in the living room on a side table or coffee table, tea lights always grace the room with very discreet candlelight.

Tealight holders not only offer a good way to decorate your own home in a visually appealing way, they are also the perfect gift as a souvenir. Tealight holders are a good way to implement seasonally suitable and amazing decoration ideas. Especially where Christmas table decorations are concerned, tea lights should not be missing. At uccellino you will find the tealight holders “STUV” in 4 different heights, perfect as tealight holders for the Advent wreath, whether at the same height or a different height for each week.

Candle holder - Design & Material

Candle holders and candlesticks are not only available in a wide variety of styles from modern to rustic, but also in many different shapes and sizes. For example, a high floor chandelier is very popular for dining rooms, hallways and living rooms, as it makes the candlelight feel like it is on eye level. For a festive table decoration, on the other hand, tealight holders and lower candlesticks are suitable, so that the flame isn’t too high and we can see our tablemates without restriction. Candlesticks and candle holders also depend on the shape of the candle. For narrow stick candles, there are narrow candle holders, usually for a single candle that finds firm support in a candle spout. The candle grommets at uccellino are all made of stainless steel that serves as a procetive barrier against burning between the wood and the candle. For thick pillar candles, stands that have a wide holder are suitable, such as our floor chandeliers “Luna” or uccellino’s candle plate “River”.  uccellino uses only natural materials for the candlesticks and all types of wood are equipped with a stainless steel insert to protect between the combustible material and the candle.  At the same time, the stainless steel in combination with solid wood gives a high-quality modern touch.

Care & Cleaning

Candle holders made of wood should be regularly dusted, wiped damp and then dried with a soft microfiber cloth. In addition, the wood should be oiled again and again over time with a wafer-thin layer of oil, so it always looks new. The stainless steel grommets can be cleaned with glass cleaner, but do not use scratching sponges.

Candles may occasionally drip and some wax can flow over the candlestick.

  • Wax-stained candle holders made of metal or stone can mostly be placed in the freezer for a few hours. Due to the cold, the wax will then come off almost by itself. Any wax residue disappears when rinsing with warm water.
  • Wax drops on wood should be carefully removed by hand and, depending on the surface of the wood, then melted out with a soft absorbent cloth and an iron. The same applies to wax stains in a tablecloth or a carpet.
  • As a preventive measure, it is recommended to store candles in the freezer before using them. This should make the candles drip less, so that the risk of wax stains is reduced.
  • Every now and then, the protruding wax layer at the edge of the candle should be cut off so that the candle drips less quickly when burned.