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Whether pictures of grandma and grandpa, mother and father, or son and daughter, the double-sided picture frame DUO has space on two sides for beautiful photos. The oak picture frame is made...

34.00 €

Whether pictures of grandma and grandpa, mother and father, or son and daughter, the DUO table picture frame has room on both sides for beautiful photos.
The double-sided table picture...

34.00 €

The free standing picture frame DUO is made of two round wooden parts, which are connected in the middle by magnets. Due to the straight bottom, the picture frame can be placed anywhere and...

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The round interchangeable frame VIEW is made of oak wood with a real glass panel. Pictures can be exchanged quickly and easily using small clips on the back. In a set of 3 different sizes or...

34.00 €

The round picture frame is flat at the bottom and can thus be placed anywhere, making both sides visible. The two wooden rings are held together in the middle by magnets, which can be easily...

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Picture frames - Set the right scene for photos and pictures

A framed photo has a completely different value than sending a photo via mobile phone. Beautiful moods, pictures of our loved ones, ancestral portraits or beautiful nature photos - everything that is important to us is worth framing and keeping visible instead of disappearing in the photo album or digitally. As the name suggests, to give a frame is at the same time to support the effect of the picture, to have the pictures around us, to be able to look at them again and again - to live with them. No matter whether picture frames are hung on the wall, or in a standing frame on the desk, the dresser in the bedroom or on the shelf, pictures bring a very personal mood into our home.

Picture frames - Giving the right frame

The purpose for which you need a picture frame determines which type and size is most suitable. Whether you want to frame a family photo in the classic way, put together an entire genealogical tablet, frame a poster or create a photo collage from many holiday photos, different frame variants are required. Or want to put a single picture frame with your favourite person or animal on your desk. The type of presentation also plays a role, as mounted on the wall you have the choice between visible and hidden hanging. If you want to place pictures on your desk or on a shelf, there are self-standing versions and those with stands. But the question is not only which variant of picture frame you want to choose, but what effect you want to achieve. The more attention the picture is to receive, the more eye-catching the picture frame can be. Nevertheless, it should always match the picture, photo or poster - or represent a deliberate change of style. For example, a delicate drawing in an opulent frame can become a striking eye-catcher.

Picture frames - Material & Design

Picture frames can surround a photo or picture in different materials and shapes. Pictures that are hung as part of the wall decoration are usually larger than tabletop displays.  If you like to change photos and pictures frequently, magnetic frames, interchangeable frames and picture strips are ideal. Picture frames can be kept very simple, but they can also be striking with their décor and stand on their own as small objects of art. There are almost no limits to creativity here - have the courage to create your own arrangements that are out of the ordinary!

The size of the picture and the picture formats determine which frame size is the right one for your photo.  The picture borders and picture holders are different, as they allow you to combine several formats and sizes.

Wooden picture frames

Frames made of wood are usually very simple and give the picture priority. They come in all kinds of variations, whether round or square, wall-mounted, as a picture rail or as a picture holder. At uccellino you will find wooden frames in oak, as interchangeable frames for the wall and as picture stands. The round shape gives a particularly soft charm. In the clip-on frames, the photo can be easily exchanged in a few simple steps using the clips on the back. In the DUO photo stand, pictures can be used on both sides, grandma-grandpa, mum-dad or other beautiful combinations. 

Tip: for round picture frames, use the glass panel as a pattern to find the right photo cut-out by placing the glass panel on the photo / picture and marking the desired cut-out with a pen around the glass panel. 

Metal picture frames

Metal picture frames are often made of aluminium and look very elegant. They can be easily integrated into classical and elegant interiors as well as into modern flats. The metal frame is often narrower and polished or brushed. Powder-coated metal frames are available in a wide range of colours. Mostly, metal picture frames are angular in shape.

Passe partour frame

In a passe-partour frame, an additional picture frame is given in the outer frame by a carton, which is placed between the frame and the glass. There are also many countless variations in the colour design between the outer frame and the cardboard, as well as in the size and shape of the passe-partout. The size of the passe-partout in relation to the picture again sets completely new accents.

Pictures - Hanging them correctly

How much distance, what height - and in what arrangement do pictures hung up on walls look best? Particularly long walls are enhanced by rows of two or more pictures in exact arrangement, with the top height of the pictures and the spacing between them being the same for all pictures. If identical frames are additionally used, the impression of togetherness is further strengthened.

It is important that you do not hang the pictures too high. A rule of thumb says that one third of the picture should be above eye level of 1.6 m, the rest below. But try it out for yourself within your own four walls, because ultimately it depends on the overall room design.

Large pictures in the hallway can be hung lower, so that the feeling of walking into the picture is created.

For pictures of different sizes, we usually use an irregular hanging as a group of pictures. Place the pictures next to each other on the floor in a way that creates a nice atmosphere. To make sure that your picture group hangs in the right place, take a sheet of paper in the desired picture size and stick this to the wall as a placeholder with a little tape. This way you can create entire picture walls without having to use a nail.