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     The coarse knit of the MESH cushions is particularly cosy and soft. Whether as a sofa cushion, in bed or as a floor cushion, the cosy cushions made from pure merino wool invite you to relax....

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    The MESH 50 sofa cushions look particularly cosy and soft thanks to the coarse stitches of pure merino wool and invite you to relax and fall in love. The knitted cushions made of Chunky yarn...

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    The Mesh 60 chunky knit cushions create special accents both as cushions for sofa and floor cushions. The chunky yarn made of pure merino wool creates a mesh size of approx. 2 cm, which gives...

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    The knitted pillow RIBB is hand knitted Made in Germany from recycled T-shirt yarn and has on the front and back each a one-sided ribbed part, matching the knitted blanket Ribbso.

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    The knitted pillow RIBB 40 is hand-knitted from recycled T-Shirt yarn and has a ribbed part on the front and back, matching the Ribbso knitted blanket.
    The soft, slightly elastic yarn is...

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    Sustainability meets style - the eco-friendly and stylish cushion RIBB 50 provides even more coziness.

    The knit cushion is  hand-knitted cushion from recycled T-shirt yarn and...

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    The knitted pillow RIBB is made by hand from recycled T-shirt yarn with  a ribbed part on the front and back side, matching to the knitted blanket Ribbso.
    The soft, slightly elastic yarn...

    139.00 €

    The knitted cushion RIBB 50x50 is made of recycled t-shirt yarn by hand in Germany and has a ribbed part in the middle, matching the knitted blanket Ribbso. Whether as a beautiful sofa cushion...

    139.00 €

    The knitted pillow RIBB 50 made of recycled T-shirt yarn is hand-knitted in Germany and has a ribbed part in the middle, matching the knitted blanket Ribbso. Whether as a sofa cushion or...

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  • 139.00 €

    With the knitted pillow MESH cozy hours are pre-programmed. The hand-knitted cushion made of 100% merino wool fits perfectly into any living ambience and ensures stylish relaxation on the...

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  • 139.00 €

    The decorative cushion MESH is a classical design and impresses with its beautiful, handmade coarse knit. The thickness of the yarn makes one stitch approx. 2 cm, which gives the cushions a...

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  • 139.00 €

    The coarse knitting of the MESH pillows is particularly cosy and soft. Whether as a sofa cushion, in bed or on the floor, the cuddly cushions made of pure merino wool invite you to linger. The...

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  • 139.00 €

    The cozy cushions MESH invite to stay and cuddle as a sofa cushions or bed cushion. The wool cushions are hand knit in Germany from pure merino wool and come with a high-quality cushion...

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  • 139.00 €

    The hand-knitted cushions MESH are particularly cosy and soft. Whether as a sofa cushion or bed cushion, the cuddly cushions made of pure merino wool invite you to linger. The knitted cushions...

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    Cushion inserts with feather filling make the sofa cushion even more cozy and comfortable.
    Our cushion fillings are extra thick with a mixture of feathers and goose down, so that even a...

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    Cushions - Reflects the personal style

    Cushions are some of the most decorative home accessories and give character and coziness to any home. They invite us to linger and turn hard seating surfaces into a cozy place. At night, we rest our heads on them and, used correctly, they relieve pressure on our backs when we're sitting down and increase our comfort when we're lying down - they're real comfort artists.

    Cushions are also special decorative talents and find your place not only in the living room on the couch, but also in the bedroom, on the bench in the dining room and in the children's room. Which type of pillow is suitable depends on the purpose. So, for neck pain, we rather need a neck pillow, for the extra portion of coziness on the sofa the decorative cushions. 

    Removable cushion covers can be quickly and easily replaced. Thus, with a few simple steps can give any room a new look and change the mood. 

    Decorative cushions - Structures, patterns & designs

    Decorative cushions are mainly focused on the style, design and color, and the function moves into the background. Often they are made of special materials, have structure or a beautiful embroidery and underline the interior style or are used quite deliberately as a contrast. Thus, fur pillows exude more of a rustic and country style, while pillows made of velvet and silk create a noble and high-quality atmosphere. 

    The hand-knitted pillows from uccellino complement very beautifully a modern living atmosphere, characterized by natural materials. They are not only very soft, but also a real eye-catcher in the room and can be used for all color moods due to the 20 colors.

    Floor cushions - Casual alternative to the armchair

    Sometimes it's more comfortable to sit or lie on the floor, and the change in sitting posture is a welcome change for our backs from hours of sitting in the office or in the car. Plus, they lighten up the room with their uncomplicated look.

    TIP: Make sure they have enough filling when buying. Several floor cushions stacked on top of each other, break up the living ambience.

    Cushions - The right filling

    Decorative cushions, sofa cushions and pillows must be soft and cozy, which depends decisively on the filling weight and filling material. Thus, for seat cushions, we find rather hard fillings, which prevents the cushion from quickly sitting through. Feathers and down we find mostly in pillows and decorative pillows, because they should be soft and cozy. Depending on the outer material, the amount of filling should also be matched. So uccellino knitted pillows all have a stronger filling quantity than usual pillows, because the weight of the coarse knitted wool would otherwise crush the ticking. The ticking covers are made of pure ecological cotton and filled with a feather - down mixture.

    Cushions - Which size

    As a decorative pillow on the sofa or bed, are the best 40 x 40 cm and 50 x 50 cm sizes. Also lengthy cushion formats such as 30 x 50 cm bring excitement to the sofa landscape. Several 40 cm pillows in different colors or even 40 cm and 50 cm cushions can be decorated very nicely together. In these sizes you will find a variety of matching pillowcases in countless colors and materials, with which you can complement your living style and pillows become the highlight in your room.
    Pillow dimensions in 60 x 60 cm are very suitable as floor pillows, versions with 80x80 cm measure are often used as pillows in bed. With them, a restful sleep is almost guaranteed!
    The lengthy pillow formats in 30 x 50 cm and 40 x 60 cm dimensions are often used as neck supports or for support in the back.

    Pillowcases - Material & Design

    The right choice of pillowcase plays an important role for the different uses of pillows. Different fabrics and their properties emphasize coziness, bring additional mood and shape the style of your rooms quite decisively. Also, the care of the covers plays an important role in the choice of material, because, for example, we wash bed linen more often in contrast to decorative pillows on the sofa. 

    Cotton - universally applicable

    As a pillowcase, cotton stands out in different qualities, as it is easy to care for, easy to wash, kind to the skin and also extremely durable. The thread density is decisive for the quality of cotton and makes it durable and comfortable at the same time. 
    Cotton can be woven into a wide variety of patterns and structures, in different thicknesses, which also makes it very popular for decorative pillows. Whether mercerized, printed, in high gloss or with a beautiful structure, cotton is the all-rounder among fabrics.

    TIP: Cotton covers are especially suitable for families with animals.

    Linen - summery and casual

    Pillowcases made of linen look particularly decorative due to their woven structure and can be combined very nicely with other natural materials. The well-known crease - chic of linen makes the material look very casual, but also smoothly ironed the robust fiber from flax provides a natural look. We also often find blends with cotton, which makes the pillowcases easier to care for and less expensive.  Linen covers for pillows give a summery, natural character, while they create a simple and relaxed ambience on the sofa and also in the garden.

    Wool - to feel good

    Covers made of wool create a cozy feel-good atmosphere and are suitable mainly for decoration and decorative pillows. On the sofa or as a decoration on the bed, wool looks soft and comfortable and is very cozy. Covers made of wool blends with proportions of cashmere, alpaca or mohair are particularly soft and noble and radiate warmth in the cold months.
    Wool can be woven or knitted. uccellino uses pure merino wool for the knitted covers, which are hand-knitted from particularly thick yarn. As well as recycled t-shirt yarn, which is also knitted by hand.

    TIP: Pillowcases made of wool should always be cleaned only in the wool wash cycle with special wool detergents. However, it is best not to wash wool at all, so that the self-cleaning effect of wool is not destroyed - it is better just to put it in the sun for a day!

    Silk - a touch of luxury

    Silk looks noble and cool and usually has a slight sheen - that's why silk pillows conjure up a touch of luxury in your rooms. Silk is available completely smooth or as in the case of wild silk with structure and silk pillowcases are usually available in very intense colors.
    Covers made of pure silk are also very skin-friendly, as the material is breathable and good at absorbing moisture.

    TIP: Pillowcases made of silk should only be washed in a gentle cycle and with a mild detergent, following the care instructions.