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The decorative vase Tindaya is made from an agave trunk that has lignified over decades by sun and salty air. For the large vase TINDAYA - pure a concrete core is worked into the interior of...

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Flowers look very impressive in the floor vase COLUMN yakisugi, processed with the ancient Japanese burning technique. The contrast between the burnt wood surface of the floor vase in contrast...

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The floor vase COLUMN does not need large bouquets, because it works even with a single flower or a few branches from the garden. The solid oak wood shows natural colour plays within the wood,...

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Floor vase COLUMN does not need large bouquets of flowers, because it works even with a single flower or a few branches from the garden. The tall floor vases either 55 cm or 70 cm and can be...

The floor vase TINDAYA is made of a woody agave and stands on a burnished metal base, which gives it a particularly stable stand. This allows large branches to be used for decoration without the floor vase tipping. The underside of the metal base is pasted throughout with felt.
The glass insert is removable and allows for easy water changes for fresh flowers.
Each vase looks like an art object and attracts every eye even without flowers and decoration.

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Each vase for itself a small "sculpture" and unique in shape, color and size!

The floor vase TINDAYA is made of a woody agave and stands on a burnished metal base,...

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Floor Vases

Floor vases - Impressive accents for your home

Floor vases are more than just simple decorative objects - they are powerful accents that add a special touch to any room. Their imposing size and striking presence make them outstanding elements in interior design.

Floor vases - Decoration at eye level

With a height of around 60 to 100 cm, floor vases are the center of attention and are therefore perfect for living spaces to fill empty corners and niches or to accentuate high rooms. With their imposing appearance, they also warmly welcome every guest in the entrance area with a cozy entrance atmosphere.

Their presence at eye level effortlessly attracts everyone's attention. A few beautiful twigs from a walk, grasses from the garden or a few large flowers such as gladioli or sunflowers are usually enough to create a beautiful decoration. Artfully arranged dried flowers are also ideal for areas where there is little light.

Floor vases - Decorative diversity

Floor vases offer a wide range of decorative possibilities. Due to their generous volume, they can be filled with a variety of floral arrangements, such as lush bouquets, elegant branches or artfully arranged dried flowers. They can also stand alone and create an impressive effect without contents. A stylish design made from high-quality materials makes them works of art in their own right.

Floor vase - Room-filling function

While table vases often serve as centerpieces on dining tables or side tables, floor vases can be used in more versatile ways. They can serve as stylish entrance area decorations, liven up empty corners, enhance living areas or even act as an impressive stage for special occasions. Overall, floor vases offer a unique way to add character and expressiveness to any room. Their imposing size, decorative versatility and stylish presence make them indispensable elements in interior design and impressive statement pieces in your home.

Floor vases - Stylish materials & designs

Floor vases are available in a variety of materials, including ceramic, wood, glass, metal and even stone. This variety of materials makes it possible to match them to the personal style and ambience of the room. From handcrafted wooden vases with rustic charm to modern glass vases with sleek lines, the choice is limitless with a piece to suit every taste.

The floor vases from uccellino are all made from natural materials such as wood and woody agave and impress with their simplicity. All floor vases have a removable glass insert, making it very easy to change and refill water. Due to their weight, the vases are stable and can therefore also be decorated with larger branches.

5 tips - Decorating floor vases correctly

Floor vases can be redecorated again and again depending on the season.

  • Cherry and apple blossom branches create a spring-like atmosphere in the home. Grasses and sunflowers are perfect for fall. In winter, fir greenery and pine cones create a Christmassy atmosphere.
  • A long vase looks best with elongated and thin decorations and stems. Fluffy flowers and whole bouquets are suitable for wide floor vases.
  • Decorated in a group of different heights, floor vases create a stylish interior and replace many a picture.
  • A simple floor vase can be quickly spiced up with colored ribbons or fairy lights.
  • In floor vases made of clear glass, decorative stones or colored granules are particularly beautiful, in addition to flowers, but also on their own without floral decoration.