Each one is like a „sculpture“ and unique in color, size and shape...

Agaves grow up very slowly and flower only once in their lifetimes. From seedling to the bloom more than 30 years can pass, depending on soil and climatic conditions. The flower stalks can reach a height of up to 10 meters and are found in the centre of the plant. The plant itself dies after the blossom and the seeding.

There are approximately 600 types of agaves, one of which is the sisal agaves. It was cultivated in the early 1900's especially for the rope production. Shortly afterwards, chemical rope production was discovered and the sisal agaves quickly fell into oblivion. By extreme solar irradiation and the salty air these agaves have been conserved through decades; now parched and lignified.

We use these unique pieces of nature to produce hand-made pieces of art like our Deco Vase Tindaya and the Object candles Daya. Every piece has its own story to tell!

We have to thank nature for these fantastic and unique forms!