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A soft boiled egg for breakfast is a tradition in many parts of the world. Egg warmer made of merino wool will keep your egg for longer time warm before eating. These playful and colorful egg...

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The WARM-UP egg warmer made of pure merino wool will keep your boiled egg warm longer while you eat. Hand knitted with a felted pom pom, they sit on the egg like little hats. A fun breakfast...

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What sense does the perfectly cooked soft egg make to us if it has gone cold before we eat it. The egg warmer WARM-UP made of pure merino wool keep their boiled egg warm longer and at the same...

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For many people, a perfect breakfast includes a soft-boiled egg. But what sense is the perfectly cooked egg if it has become cold before it is eaten. The egg cozy WARM-UP made of pure merino...

16.90 €

For many people, a soft-boiled egg is part of a special breakfast. And who doesn't know the frustration when the egg has gone cold before you eat it. The WARM-UP egg warmer made of merino wool...

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The playful egg warmer WARM-UP are hand knit from pure merino wool with a felted pom-pom and look like little caps. Whether in bright or subtle colors, they are a beautiful table decoration...

16.90 €

For many people, a soft-boiled egg is part of a special breakfast, and cooking it properly is a philosophy all its own. But what sense is the perfectly cooked egg if it has gone cold before we...

16.90 €

For many cultures, a perfect breakfast includes a soft-boiled egg, and cooking it properly is its own philosophy. But what use is the egg cooked to perfection if it has gone cold before it is...

16.90 €

A perfect breakfast includes a soft-boiled egg and cooking it properly is a philosophy all its own. But what sense is it if the breakfast egg is cooked to perfection but has gone cold before...

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Bobble hats for soft boiled eggs 

A leisurely breakfast with soft boiled egg is not only common on Sundays. Because some people and cultures enjoy a meal with egg every day - for breakfast, as a snack between meals or for a snack in the evening. Our handmade egg warmers made of pure merino wool look like small caps with pom poms. With the knitted hats you can always enjoy a well tempered egg. The egg warmers not only keep the boiled egg warm, but are a decorative table accessory and bring colorful mood to your table. At uccellino, you can choose from twenty different wool colors and create a beautiful color combination for yourself. No matter if hard or soft boiled egg - enjoy it!

Function of an egg warmer

The knitted cap is put over the perfectly cooked egg and covers the egg standing in the egg cup. Egg warmers are a good alternative to egg baskets with warming function. If, for example, breakfast is lovingly prepared - with freshly baked bread, aromatic coffee and breakfast eggs - but the family or WG is still dawdling or has overslept, egg warmers are ideal so that they do not get cold. So even late risers and latecomers can enjoy warm breakfast eggs. Whether you prefer them soft-boiled or hard-boiled and peel or slice them is a matter of taste. While the preparation method of a cooked egg is up for discussion, most agree that it should still be warm when you eat it. Cooking time varies from 4 to 10 minutes depending on preference and egg size.

The little wool caps are not only functional, but also pretty and funny table accessories that fit effortlessly into a variety of interior styles. In modern kitchens as well as in a country-style dining room, the knitted hats create a cozy atmosphere and look great on any lovely set dining table, decorating the table and creating a cozy atmosphere of well-being.

Our knitted products are the cream of the egg! They offer themselves all year round as an original and timeless gift idea. For example, as a perfect gift for a new kitchen or a house move.

Material- shape and color

The egg warmers are from the series of knitted designs by uccellino and made of the same wool. You can complete them with other wool products, such as napkin rings and knitted vases. Our hand knitted wool products are unique in their design, because they are knitted from ultra thick yarn with large needles. To complete the table setting and dining experience, our wooden egg cups are the perfect addition.

The warming wool hats are made of 100% merino wool in Germany and are purely handmade. Therefore, minor variations between the models are possible and each one is unique. Our design objects are approximately ten centimeters high and are suitable for all egg sizes, as the wool yields.

The Warmers, which look similar to a pom-pom hat, are knitted with a right-mesh pattern. The top is felted into a ball. The flat bottom allows the egg warmers to stand on the table even without a cup. Our trendy colors bring the table to life with soft tones or colorful, bright accents. The ambience of your own home is therefore also harmoniously maintained at the breakfast table. Choose from the twenty different wool color shades and complement their furnishings and tableware with a solid color or colorful set of egg warmers.

Cleaning and care instructions

If lightly stained, egg warmers can be washed under cold running water without the addition of soap. The use of soap should be avoided if possible, as this can cause the wool to become felted. The egg warmers are also washable at thirty degrees in the wool washing machine cycle. Optionally, you can also put the knitted pieces in a separate net, so that they are particularly protected.

Tip: If over time some fluff appears, you can carefully remove them with scissors.

Easter decoration

Easter typically includes painted Easter eggs and other decorative items. For centuries, eggs have been a symbol of life and fertility. The tradition of the morning breakfast egg is therefore particularly common at Easter and egg warmers are also in great demand at Easter time. Various decorative objects can be used in many ways - for example, as pendants on branches placed in a vase. But also in a bowl can be created with colorful eggs a pretty decoration - for example, with moss as a base.

Tip: If you want to blow out your decorated decorative eggs, you can use the contents optimally and prepare baked goods, such as pancakes or Easter plait.

Breakfast ideas

Surprise your loved ones with an unusual breakfast or brunch and a beautiful breakfast decoration! Bread and rolls are popular at every meal, especially in Germany. Try your hand at making banana bread, walnut bread, rye rolls, croissants or other pastries yourself. A homemade sweet or savory spread is also very attractive, and vegetarian or vegan variants can also be made very easily. As an alternative to classic baked goods, there are many recipes and delicious breakfast ideas for the optimal start to the day: Porridge with nuts and fruits - pancakes or banana pancakes - sweet or savory homemade waffles - French toast - fruit salad with yogurt - muesli or granola with fruits - savory cakes - muffins or quiches.

For an extensive Sunday breakfast it is also worth to grind the coffee yourself and to decorate the table beautifully.