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Our B-goods of the wall shelves SCALA 5 have small scratches in the powder coating of the metal inserts. The product is fully functional and is delivered in the original packaging.

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Our B-goods of the wall shelves SCALA 15 have small scratches in the powder coating of the metal inserts. The product is fully functional and is delivered in the original packaging.

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The bookcase SCALA 10 has 10 inserts made of powder-coated steel for paperbacks, which are inserted into the groove of the wooden back panels. Thus, a shelf can be easily removed once.

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Planter PILLUM pur made of powder-coated steel is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to present their plants in style.
The plant pot has small scratch marks or minimal dents from...

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Inexpensive products with a small flaw!

B-goods are mostly items that do not meet the requirements of a "new" item due to minimal visual defects, or have been used for a short time for demonstration purposes. Even damaged outer packaging immediately makes a new product B-goods. Often it is only small blemishes such as scratches on surfaces. The function is not affected in any way and the outlet products are packaged just as carefully as we usually do.

B-Ware - Function and Definition

In contrast to A-goods (first choice) and C-goods (third choice), B-goods, also called second choice goods, are sales items that are not part of a retailer's normal sales and are offered at a special price, but are new or as good as new and fully functional.

Second choice goods are items that have minor defects:
- These include small scratches that occurred during or after production.
- small worn edges, due to transport or during production,
- too large drying cracks in the product, if they are not allowed due to the product
- So-called serviceware: these are items that have already been repaired once and thus restored to as-new condition.
Pieces marked as B-goods are sold at special prices with different discounts.

Our responsibility

In today's fast-paced world, products that are actually still in perfect condition are unfortunately all too often disposed of. Small optical defects or the fact that the packaging has already been opened are enough for electronics, fashion or decorative items to be destroyed. However, there are fortunately also opportunities to acquire this so-called B-ware in the sense of sustainability at very reasonable prices. The B-goods we inspect have various advantages. On the one hand, of course, for you as a customer, since you can buy as-new and technically flawless products at low prices. On the other hand, you are also acting environmentally friendly and sustainable. You are probably thinking to yourself that there must be a catch and that the B-ware is perhaps not quite as good as a new product from a specialist retailer. But here we can completely reassure you. The products we sell are, without exception, thoroughly hand-inspected goods with only minor defects.

Outlet - Store

Visit us in our showroom just outside Hamburg. On our approx. 200 m2 sales area we offer both our new goods and B-goods. If you are looking for bargains, be sure to check out our sale corner, where we offer a constantly changing assortment of designer furniture and accessories with small blemishes and heavy discount.