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489.00 €

The modern round side stool PACCO with concrete top and three solid steel legs is a stylish piece of furniture that adds an industrial touch to your home. The smooth, robust concrete slab and...

398.00 €

The square side stool TAREGG is a versatile and uncomplicated solution for additional storage space. It is made of a solid oak wood top supported by 4 robust steel hairpin table legs. The...

429.00 €

The TAROND tripod side stool is the perfect combination of elegance and functionality. Made from high-quality oak and supported by three tapered metal legs, this stool blends effortlessly into...

445.00 €

The side stool KLOTZKI is the flexible solution for a modern and unconventional life style.
Together with the Klotzki 30 or several small Klotzki 20 next to each other, the handmade...

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Whether as a side table next to the bed, as a storage unit in the living room or instead of a coffee table - there are many areas of application for QUADRO.
The handmade cube is made of...

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The side stool KLOTZKI is the flexible solution for a modern and unconventional lifestyle.
Together with the Klotzki 30 or several small Klotzki 20 next to each other, the handmade stools...

389.00 €

The oak side stool TAREGG is supported by 4 hairpin legs. The conically beveled undersides of the tabletop make the stool appear light and elegant and adapt to any room. Whether as a small...

450.00 €

The MACC marble stool reflects robustness and elegance at the same time and is characterised by an individual, hand-hewn marble top, making each stool an individual work of art. The legs of...

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Side stools - Versatile additions for all rooms

Side stools are extremely versatile pieces of furniture that can be effortlessly integrated into almost any room in the home. These practical pieces of furniture not only impress with their outstanding functionality, but also act as stylish accents that enhance any interior. Whether you are looking for additional seating, a practical storage surface or a decorative element, side stools are the ideal solution to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements.

As a rule, side stools are low, backless seating furniture that primarily serve to provide additional seating or a practical storage surface. Their compact and versatile design makes them space-savers and they are usually characterized by the absence of backrests. The main function of these stools is to serve as a flexible seat or side table without taking up much space.

Nevertheless, there are side stool variants that have a low backrest or a slightly inclined backrest to provide additional comfort and support. These special side stools can be preferred in situations where greater seating comfort is required. Whether a side stool has a backrest or not, the features depend on the specific design choice and the manufacturer. There is a wide range of side stool styles on the market, which can have different features.

Additional seating

Side stools not only provide comfortable seating, but also stylish additions to your living room, bedroom or entrance area. With a wide selection of designs, materials and colors, you can seamlessly adapt the side stool to your room and create a harmonious overall look.

Practical side tables

A side stool can also serve as a practical side table. Use it to keep drinks, books, magazines or decorative objects within easy reach. The flat surface of the stool offers enough space to place your personal items without taking up too much space. 

Flexible mobility

Side stools are often lightweight and mobile. Some models have castors or handles that make it easy to move them from one room to another. This means you can adapt your furnishings as required and place the stool exactly where you need it.

Storage options

Some side stools have integrated storage space. These models offer you the option of discreetly storing smaller items such as blankets, cushions or books without this being visible at first glance.

Decorative element

Side stools are also excellent decorative objects. With eye-catching designs, patterns and high-quality materials, they can become eye-catchers in your room and enhance the atmosphere.

n summary, side stools are extremely versatile pieces of furniture that combine functionality and aesthetics. They are an asset to any home and allow you to design your space according to your individual needs. Discover our diverse selection of side stools and find the perfect piece to complement your home in style.

Side stools - uccellino

At uccellino you will find a beautiful selection of different side stools made from fine materials such as solid oak, metal and combinations with concrete. The high-quality materials are hand-finished in our own workshop and are unique designer pieces that will enhance your living space.

  • Wooden side stool
    Wooden side stools from uccellino are handmade masterpieces. The natural wood gives these stools a warm and inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements a variety of furnishing styles. uccellino uses high-quality FSC-certified wood from Germany for its wooden side stools. The wood is finished by hand in our own workshop, e.g. smoking, yakisugi, flaming and oiling.
  • Metal side stool
    Metal side stools from uccellino are known for their robust construction and modern design. The metal gives these stools an industrial feel and is ideal for modern interiors.
  • Concrete side stools
    The side stools made from a combination of concrete and steel or stainless steel are a statement in terms of modern design. These stools are not only extremely sturdy, but also add a cool, contemporary touch to your home and convey a timeless elegance.

No matter what style or room you are looking for a side stool for, uccellino offers a wide selection to suit your individual requirements. These high-quality pieces of furniture are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, and they are sure to become an eye-catcher in your home. Discover the world of side stools from uccellino and add a touch of elegance and style to your living space.