Stones that can be found in the wild nature

As a naturally occurring material, river stones are unique in shape, color and structure. And as individual as each single stone is, so special are our handmade products made of it.

On the surface, the river stones are all inconspicuous gray and beige. But with the grinding, the inner life of the stone comes to light and surprises again and again with hidden color nuances and unique structures. Our two types of stone are river and mountain stones, which differ in both surface texture and color. The sand-colored river stone is smooth and fine-pored on the surface due to flowing water, and brings out shades of color from light brown to dark green with the grinding of the stone inner surface. The rather gray mountain stone is rough and coarse-pored on the surface, thus appears somewhat more rustic and brings out colors from light gray to black after grinding the stone interior.


Riverstone, unlike other natural stones, is rather insensitive and easy to clean.
The stone is cold and heat resistant from -20°C to +200°C, which allows our plates, platters and bowls to be either preheated or precooled. This keeps many a dessert cold longer and soup warm longer.


Riverstone products can be placed in the dishwasher, are more acid-resistant than other natural stones, and are largely scratch-resistant.