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From the outside, all river stones look inconspicuous, as still can be seen at the edges of the dishes RIVER. After grinding, the inner life of the stone become visible and surprises with...

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Serve your delicious soup once in a stone bowl and you will turn the appetizer into an unforgettable adventure. The stone bowl POOL is not only ideal as a soup bowl, but also perfect as a...

The Riverstone is cold and heat resistant from -20°C to + 200°C, so the stone plate can even be preheated or cooled, as needed.
Each natural stone plate is characterized by the characteristic, organic shape of the riverstone, and forms a beautiful counterpoint to the clear shape of the glass dome.
Glass dome Ø 17.5 cm

75.00 €

With RIVA-DOME you bring food and other things stylishly "under the hood". The glass dome with the natural stone plates is not only ideal for keeping fresh and serving, but also an ornament on...

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Add a touch of luxury to your meal with the GOURMET marble plates. Made from fine Ebano marble and White Macarel, each plate stands out with its unique grain and an asymmetrical indentation...

Whether for a formal dinner party or a cozy dinner, you can set the tone with the marble plate and offer your guests a particularly pleasurable experience.
The unmistakable marble grain with the typical veins makes each piece unique. Available in Nero Marquina and Carrara White.

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As a dinner plate, serving platter or cheese plate, BATLER | marble finds many uses in its simple and pure form and brings the theme of "marble", which is currently conquering interior design...

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The extraordinary plates NOOK with asymmetrical depression looks playful and modern at the same time. The characteristic grain of the marble underlines the extravagance and makes the marble...

With BATLER Dome you bring style to the table and freshness under the hood!

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With the cheese bell BATLER | DOME you bring cheese and other foods stylishly "under the hood". The wooden plate with the glass bell is not only ideal for keeping fresh and serving, but also a...

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The ball bowl LOLEC-ART is ideal for salt and sugar or all kinds of nibbles. It cuts a spherical figure both as a decorative bowl on the table and as a salt barrel next to the stove. The bowl...

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Extraordinary, uncomplicated and natural, decorates the stone plates RIVA from Riverstone every table and buffets. Whether as a place plate, serving dishes or modern dinner plate, the stone...

109.00 €

The unique sushi plate NOOK, takes your table decoration to a new level! With its prominent, asymmetrical depression and the characteristic grain of the Spanish marble - available in either...

from 69.00 €

The high quality and extraordinary NOOK plate with its asymmetrical recess looks playful and modern at the same time. The characteristic grain of the marble underlines the extravagance and...

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For the small snack in between, as breakfast or snack board, or as serving board for sausage and cheese, PADY is a stylish companion for every meal. Its puristic and elegant shape in...

89.00 €

Whether as a modern underplate, cake plate or serving platter, PAD-pur made of marble captivates with its modern and timeless design and gives every table ambience an exclusive atmosphere. The...

89.00 €

Whether as a modern underplate, cake plate or serving platter, PAD-pur made of marble captivates with its modern and timeless design and gives every table ambience an exclusive atmosphere. The...

35.00 €

The minimalist, modern plate BATLER made of ash is very suitable for serving food, as a salad or cheese plate or even as a small dinner plate due to the waterproof varnish. It is therefore a...

35.00 €

The simple and modern BATLER wooden plate is perfect for serving food in style, and can be used as a salad or cheese plate, or even as a small dinner plate. The waterproof lacquer protects the...

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With its modern design, the BOLEC sugar bowl catches its user in a haptically exciting and playful world. The spherical bowl is rounded at the bottom and swings slightly back and forth on the...

from 118.00 €

The eccentrically turned spherical bowl, with matching spoon, is flattened at the bottom to make it stable. For all kinds of snacks, as a salt barrel beside the stove or as a decorative...

from 118.00 €

The eccentrically turned spherical bowl, with matching spoon, is flattened at the bottom to make it stable. For all kinds of snacks, as a salt barrel beside the stove or as a decorative...

from 22.00 €

Discover the unique beauty of nature with our RIVER stone plates! Each plate is a handmade unique piece that captures the unmistakable beauty of river stones and surprises with hidden colour...

75.00 €

The cheese dome RIVA-DOME - stylish keeping fresh and serving food.
The cold and heat resistant stone plate made of Riverstone is ideal for serving and storing food. With its...

from 85.00 €

Serve cheese, dessert, sushi or cake on a fine marble plate and your guests will be delighted. The GOURMET round marble plates with asymmetrical indentations are available in the elegant...

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Dishes - The eye eats with you

Special events are the perfect chance to enchant friends and family with your favorite dish and serve it on exclusive tableware. At uccellino you will find plates in timeless and beautiful design for a stylish table decoration. After all, food will taste much better if it is presented in an attractive way - because, as we know, the eye eats with you. In our online store you will not only find design plates and matching decorations, for example for a three course meal at festive events, but at the same time robust tableware for everyday use.

Function of a dish

Dishes are the main basis of every tableware set and are used for daily meals. The high-quality processed pads made of wood and stone differ in their purpose from breakfast board, dinner plate, serving plate to sushi plate. Our smaller marble dessert plates are perfect for serving appetizers and desserts, while the wooden and stone plates with glass covers are ideal for serving or storing fresh food. Breakfast boards can be used as a base for every morning breakfast or Sunday brunch and are also a stylish plate substitute for snacks in between or for the evening snack.

Our dishes can also be used in a variety of ways at festivities and buffets and immediately catch the eye of every guest. The flat dishes serve not only bread and rolls, also lovingly arranged fruit and vegetables look particularly appealing on it. The marble plates work perfectly as sausage and cheese boards, as cake plates and cake platters. Our organically shaped stone plates also serve perfectly as a base for a pizza or as a trivet due to their heat resistance. You can serve any food on our river stone bases, and we recommend non-acidic food on the marble plates and wooden plates.

Besides the obvious function of serving food, dishes make a wonderful decorative contribution to the table. Choose a statement tableware combination and you can forget about usual table decorations! Plates from uccellino impress with their simple elegance. The dinner plates of the respective course create a festive atmosphere in combination with a place plate as a base. Glasses, carafes, cutlery and other table decorations from uccellino are also a stylish addition to any table and can be easily combined with each other. The design on the set table is rounded off by details such as matching napkin rings, candlesticks or a vase with color-coordinated flowers.

Bowls - Serve tastefully

Do you prefer to enjoy muesli instead of bread or rolls for breakfast in the morning? Then you can complete your tableware set with our stone bowls. The extraordinary bowls made of natural river stone impress with their uniqueness in shape, color and size. Served cold or pre-warmed, the serving bowls are the optimal choice for starters and desserts. Serve exquisite soups in a stone bowl from uccellino, the appetizer unfolds into a pure experience!

The simple design of the wooden ball bowls can be combined with any tableware and adds the right spice both in terms of decoration and taste. Use the small and large bowls for sugar or salt on the table or next to the kitchen stove. Convince yourself of the salt container as a timeless kitchen accessory for the whole family!

Idea: Be inspired to try new dishes with regional and seasonal foods or try a vegetarian or vegan version of your favorite food. You can find inspiration for the variety of ingredients and their preparation possibilities, for example, at:

Function of a bowl

The stone bowls from uccellino are multifunctional in their application and are used, for example, as soup bowls, cereal bowls, salad bowls or dessert bowls. The handmade cups can also be used to serve vegetable sticks, bread, snacks, dips, side dishes and other delights. For example, serve olives in advance or during the meal. Our exclusive bowls are used not only for serving fruit, but also as a fruit bowl for storage. In addition to the practical function, at the same time creates a beautiful decoration for the table and kitchen.

We use our wooden bowls as a salt container or sugar bowl next to the stove or on the set table for re-seasoning. The matching spoon corresponds to the size of a teaspoon and holds about five grams of salt or sugar. This allows spices to be removed from the bowl without soiling or wetting them. In addition, this allows the amount to be optimally dosed. With their minimalist charms, the plywood bowls are a stylish addition to an exceptional table. In the eccentrically turned spherical bowls you can also offer your guests nibbles of all kinds.

Material & Shape

Since the exclusive dishes and bowls are used almost every day, they should be matched to your kitchen decor. Depending on the style of furnishing, tableware with different appearance is suitable. With us you will find plates and bowls in exclusive material and design, which offer much more than classic white porcelain tableware. Uccellino combines form, function and design in an aesthetic way and attaches great importance to the quality of materials. Thus, the tableware in our assortment is not only aesthetically pleasing and practical, but also robust and durable, providing you with long-lasting loyal service. Choose between the materials elegant marble, rustic river stone and high-quality wood. Each product is unique with different grain.

A natural wooden breakfast board impresses with its simple design and versatile combinability with other materials. For the stable boards we use wood from ash. A varnish makes the wooden boards water-repellent and can be used in more ways. The ball trays are either made of high quality dyed plywood or oak - naturally oiled or smoked. For example, in a rustic furnished country style, wooden kitchen boards and ball bowls fit seamlessly. Plates made of wood are also an ideal choice for children, as they represent the perfect mix between light weight and robust material - as well as for camping, picnics or in the garden at the barbecue. With wooden plates from uccellino you can enjoy close to nature and sustainable!

Plates made of marble look elegant and timeless and make a great addition to a beautifully set table. The smooth, regular surface lends a pure and at the same time modern touch. Serving boards made of marble stone will fit perfectly into your stylishly decorated kitchen. The noble as well as simple look and high quality allows you to serve food in style. However, marble plates from uccellino are not only black or white, but can be used in a variety of ways and are at home in almost any ambience.

The river stone stands out with its robust material and meets certain requirements for the perfect tableware. Due to its solid workmanship, the stone boards and bowls provide cold and heat resistance from -20°C to + 200°C, are largely scratch resistant, dishwasher safe, less acid sensitive than other natural stones and therefore more resistant to odors and discoloration. The handcrafted dinner plates and bowls can therefore also be placed in the oven for heating food or preheating. A modern kitchen is given a high-quality look by tableware made of Riverstone.

Plates from uccellino are available in different sizes, because the dimensions also influence the choice of the optimal tableware for dishes and pastries. Dinner plates for the main course are usually large and flat, exuding a luxurious look. Smaller boards are more useful as breakfast plates and serving trays and are more sociable in their handling. Dessert plates are perfect for appetizers, cakes and desserts. You can also get the wooden ball bowls in different sizes.

The shape of the plates also influences the desired mood at the table. In addition to the traditional round shape, uccellino also offers rectangular boards that look modern and simple at the same time. The organic shape of the river stone creates an individual and personal mood, whereas the asymmetrical recess of the marble plates gives your table decoration a remarkable character and underlines the extravagance of the products. The eccentrically turned bowls are either round and can be easily rolled without losing their stability or contents. Or alternatively, they are flattened in the lower area so that they stand stably.

Set the table

Are you familiar with the rules at the table and know how to make yourself understood without words? Have you ever set the table professionally, as is customary in a restaurant? We will show you the common table etiquette with some decoration tips: 

Tableware includes, first, the place setting with the appropriate dinner plates for each course. For the usual main course, the plate should be recessed. Meals, such as salad, pasta, soup or risotto are thus best served in bowls or deep plates. For dishes such as pizza, flambé or pancakes, a shallow plate without a rim is perfect. Optionally, a bread basket or side plate can be added. On a classic dining table plates, cutlery and glasses have their permanent place: 

rules-how to show-what-you-need-at-dinner

The cutlery arrangement and sequence are basically quite logical. Cutlery pieces that are held in the right hand also rest on the right side of the plate, and those that are held on the left are placed on the left. Parts needed first are outside, so that you can work your way closer to the plate course by course. Small pieces of cutlery that are needed later, such as dessert and cheese cutlery, are above the plate.

On the other hand, dessert plates, dessert bowls, cups with saucers and a pot for coffee or tea, a sugar bowl and a milk jug can be found as tableware on a coffee table. In addition to serving bowls, cake platters are also popular for dessert.

To express your needs at the table, you can use the right flatware language. If you just want to take a break, place the knife and fork in the "twenty to four" position, like a clock. If the cutlery lies crossed on the plate, this means that the meal is to be briefly interrupted or reserved. At the same time, the handles of the cutlery do not rest on the table under any circumstances. After the meal, place the knife and fork parallel to each other and slightly down to the right on the plate, in the "twenty past four" position. The edge of the knife points to the fork.

Cleaning & Care

In order to enjoy your tableware for a long time, you should follow a regular and at the same time careful cleaning of the kitchen boards and bowls, as well as our care tips. Wash your wooden plates with a dishwashing brush under warm water. The use of natural dishwashing liquid is optional in this process. Wooden plates should generally not be put in the dishwasher, as heat and long-term contact with water in the dishwasher can cause them to become brittle and warp. It is also important that the wooden board is completely dry before placing it back in the cabinet. To clean the marble plates, we recommend washing them by hand as well. The river stone, on the other hand, is dishwasher safe.

Tips: To ensure that plates made of wood retain their natural shine, you should rub them with a thin layer of oil from time to time. For this purpose, we offer our wood oil in a small bottle. Alternatively, you can use sunflower, kerosene or olive oil, for example. It is also best to handle the vessels with dry hands, as salt and sugar quickly start to form lumps when they are moist.