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The designer behind the label uccellino is Ulrike Plüschau. With her clear and timeless style, she designs and produces unique pieces of furniture, extraordinary home accessories and beautiful decorative items for the table in her Hamburg manufactory. As a learned fashion designer, she has a trained eye for shapes and is sensitive to the hidden treasures of nature, which is reflected in her selection of materials. Her objective to create stable values and move away from the throwaway society we live in and the fast-paced rhythm of the fashion industry, led her to the exploration of entirely new materials.

What started in 2006 as a small project in a shed behind the house quickly developed into something bigger. A very own collection of design was created, a larger workshop was needed, and a number of publications began to appear in home design magazines. During that time, the uccellino brand emerged and it is now represented at international trade fairs from Frankfurt and Paris to Tokyo and sold in specialty stores and boutiques worldwide.

The brand´s sophisticated designs aren´t solely develop at the desk, but rather where chips fall and machines run. This is where the inspiration arises to move away from the norm as well as to create products that allow the exquisite materials and their beauty speak for themselves - the fusion of design and craftsmanship. Quite frequently, personal demands on the high quality of the materials and their processing pose challenges for the professionals - however, "can't be done" does not exist!

The finishing of raw materials is still done by hand in the company´s own workshop, which always leads to the discovery of new surfaces and structures. The awareness of shapes and the appreciation of nature can be found in all products. And instead of following trends, Ulrike always sets her own direction in style direction with her designs.

But to ucccellino the development of products, from design to sales, is just as important as long-term and trusting cooperation with suppliers and customers. uccellino´s design is characterized by innovative ideas with a clear and timeless design language and captures the spirit of the times.

The design speaks a uniform language: NATURE IS NOBLE, MODERN AND STRONG!
And in the end, casual luxury from Hamburg is created...