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     The coarse knit of the MESH cushions is particularly cosy and soft. Whether as a sofa cushion, in bed or as a floor cushion, the cosy cushions made from pure merino wool invite you to relax....

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    The MESH 50 sofa cushions look particularly cosy and soft thanks to the coarse stitches of pure merino wool and invite you to relax and fall in love. The knitted cushions made of Chunky yarn...

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    The Mesh 60 chunky knit cushions create special accents both as cushions for sofa and floor cushions. The chunky yarn made of pure merino wool creates a mesh size of approx. 2 cm, which gives...

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    The hand-knitted pillow MESH has a braid on the left side which is very imposing due to the thickness of the yarn. The braid is both on the front and back of the pillow. As a sofa cushion or...

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    The knitted pillow RIBB is hand knitted Made in Germany from recycled T-shirt yarn and has on the front and back each a one-sided ribbed part, matching the knitted blanket Ribbso.

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    The knitted pillow RIBB 40 is hand-knitted from recycled T-Shirt yarn and has a ribbed part on the front and back, matching the Ribbso knitted blanket.
    The soft, slightly elastic yarn is...

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    Sustainability meets style - the eco-friendly and stylish cushion RIBB 50 provides even more coziness.

    The knit cushion is  hand-knitted cushion from recycled T-shirt yarn and...

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    The knitted pillow RIBB is made by hand from recycled T-shirt yarn with  a ribbed part on the front and back side, matching to the knitted blanket Ribbso.
    The soft, slightly elastic yarn...

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    The knitted cushion RIBB 50x50 is made of recycled t-shirt yarn by hand in Germany and has a ribbed part in the middle, matching the knitted blanket Ribbso. Whether as a beautiful sofa cushion...

    139.00 €

    The knitted pillow RIBB 50 made of recycled T-shirt yarn is hand-knitted in Germany and has a ribbed part in the middle, matching the knitted blanket Ribbso. Whether as a sofa cushion or...

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    The decorative cushion MESH is a classical design and impresses with its beautiful, handmade coarse knit. The thickness of the yarn makes one stitch approx. 2 cm, which gives the cushions a...

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  • 139.00 €

    The coarse knitting of the MESH pillows is particularly cosy and soft. Whether as a sofa cushion, in bed or on the floor, the cuddly cushions made of pure merino wool invite you to linger. The...

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  • 139.00 €

    The cozy cushions MESH invite to stay and cuddle as a sofa cushions or bed cushion. The wool cushions are hand knit in Germany from pure merino wool and come with a high-quality cushion...

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  • 139.00 €

    The hand-knitted cushions MESH are particularly cosy and soft. Whether as a sofa cushion or bed cushion, the cuddly cushions made of pure merino wool invite you to linger. The knitted cushions...

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    Knitted cushion

    Knitted cushions - Coziness and Elegance for your home

    Knitted cushions are not only wonderful decorative pieces, but also symbols of comfort and style. With their inviting look and soft feel, they lend any room a warm and inviting atmosphere. The characteristic texture of the knitted look conveys a sense of craftsmanship and tradition that makes them timeless and special accessories, perfect for snuggling up and relaxing. Whether on the sofa, the bed or a cozy reading chair, knitted cushions invite you to relax.

    Knitted cushions - Tradition & Innovation

    Both hand-knitted and machine-knitted cushions have their own charm and advantages. While hand-knitted cushions offer a personal touch and a deep connection to the tradition of the craft, machine-knitted cushions stand for precision, efficiency and modern aesthetics. This union of tradition and innovation creates unique products that honor the beauty of craftsmanship while offering the comfort and versatility of modern technology. Whether hand-knitted or machine-made, knitted cushions are timeless accessories that bring coziness and style to any home.

    Hand-knitted cushions - True craftsmanship

    Hand-knitted cushions are more than just decorative accessories - they are the result of careful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each hand-knitted cushion tells a story of tradition, patience and craftsmanship. The characteristic imperfection and individual details make each piece a unique work of art that brings warmth and personality to the room.

    The special thing about hand-knitted cushions is not only in their unique appearance, but also in the knitting experience itself. Each loop is carefully placed, each row carefully shaped - a process that requires a lot of time and dedication, but is also a source of relaxation and satisfaction. Hand-knitted cushions are not just a product, but also an expression of creativity and craftsmanship.

    Machine knitting - Precision & Efficiency

    Machine knitting, on the other hand is characterized by precision and high efficiency. Machine knitted cushions are produced using modern knitting machines that are able to create complex patterns and textures with high speed and accuracy. This allows for consistent quality and greater production capacity without losing the aesthetics of craftsmanship. Machine knitting offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of design, colors and textures. From classic plain cushions to intricate jacquard patterns, the versatility is almost limitless. In addition, the use of different materials such as cotton, wool and acrylic makes it possible to adapt to different needs in terms of softness, warmth and ease to care for.

    Knitted cushions - Material & Design

    Knitted cushions embody the perfect combination of material, craftsmanship and design. Both the chosen material and the design play a decisive role in the look, feel and functionality of the cushions. The variety of materials and designs offers the right option for every taste and interior style, while the quality of the craftsmanship ensures that knitted cushions not only look good, but also last and give pleasure for a long time.

    Commonly used materials are:

    Cotton: soft, breathable and easy to care for, ideal for knitted cushions to be used all year round.
    Wool: Thermally insulating and luxurious, perfect for cozy cushions in winter.
    Acrylic: Durable and inexpensive, a good alternative to natural fibers for allergy sufferers or for outdoor use.
    Mixed fabrics: Combinations of different materials often offer the best properties of each fabric and provide a balance of softness, durability and ease of care.

    Design variety for individuality & style

    The material determines not only the comfort, but also the appearance of the cushions. Smooth knitted cushions made of cotton can have a modern and clean appearance, while coarse knitted cushions made of wool exude a rustic and cozy charm. Knitted cushion designs range from simple plain styles to intricately patterned pieces.
    Popular design elements include:

    Solid color pillows: Timeless and versatile, they suit a variety of interior styles and can be used as the basis for interior design.
    Geometric patterns: From stripes ans diamonds to chevrons, geometric patterns give cushions a modern and graphic look.
    Cable knits: Traditional and appealing, cable knits give cushions a rustic and artisanal aesthetic.
    Jacquard patterns: Complex and detailed, jacquard patterns are perfect for eye-catching and ornate cushions.

    In addition, details such as fringes, pompoms or buttons can further enhance the design of the cushions and give them an individual touch.

    uccellino knitted cushions - Luxurious comfort & Timeless elegance

    The hand-knitted cushions from uccellino represent the highest level of craftsmanship and offer an unparalleled level of luxury and style. Made from pure merino wool, these cushions are characterized by their unsurpassed softness, warmth and durability. The smooth surface or intricate cable knit pattern gives each cushion a timeless elegance that complements any interior style. In terms of color selection, uccellino offers an impressive variety of over 20 colors, including classic shades and vibrant tones that will brighten up any room. Each cushion is knitted by skilled hand knitters in Germany, with attention paid to every detail to ensure the highest quality and perfection.

    uccellino attaches particular importance to the cushion ticking, which has a particularly strong filling of goose feathers. This high-quality filling not only ensures optimum dimensional stability, but also offers unparalleled comfort and a luxurious feel that invites you to relax and feel good.