Colored wood for a modern wood look

For the products of the series "Art for living" is used as a base material a very fine-pored, fast-growing, African wood.
After sawing in the logs, the planks must first be checked for cracks and sorted. After that, the wood is bleached so that the colors come out more clear and beautiful after coloring. After bleaching, the wood is dried again and then cut into layers of varying thinness using state-of-the-art machines. These layers can now be dyed into any color and must be dried again after the dye bath. The individual layers are now laid in a grid to blocks on top of each other and pressed together with binder under strong pressure, over several weeks with a hot pressing, whereby the wood dries again. The irregularity of the layers gives each product a unique play of colors and patterns. Even the front and back of each piece are different.


All products in the "Art for Living" series are treated several times with our high-quality oil. If there are scratches or stains, they can be treated with fine sandpaper in the direction of the grain and the product can then be re-oiled.


The wood comes from sustainably managed, certified (FSC-SCS + PEFC) cultivation and is therefore reproducible and available. The products are food safe.