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With the planter FLEUR | tower a piece of design comes into your garden, terrace, balcony or office. The clear and simple shape in combination with the modern concrete look and the height of...

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Our large plant and flower boxes are perfect for giving creative design ideas the right space. The robust material concrete provides the necessary framework with its natural and modern look...

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The luxury bee hotel CASA FLOWER in the design of a filled flower offers stylish accommodation for numerous beneficial insects in your garden with over 450 nesting tubs. The stylish design of...

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Modern bee hotel BEE HOSTEL is a stylish paradise for bees, providing a safe and protected environment to nest and reproduce. The round cutouts are filled with nesting sleeves in different...

This unique oak bee hotel CASA SMILEY in the shape of a smiling smiley not only offers wild bees a cozy home, but will also bring a smile to your face. With about 350 paper tubes with 6 and 8 mm diameter and additional drilling holes, the bee house offers enough space for nesting and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for the bees. The round CASA SMILEY bee hotel with its smiling design is protected from the weather by the slightly protruding stainless steel roof. It can be either attached to the wall or placed on a stainless steel pole, depending on your needs. Made of solid oak wood, the bee hotel is durable and sturdy. It makes a great gift for bee lovers and environmentalists, and is a great way to support wild bees in your garden or on your balcony. With its unique design and high quality finish, the bee hotel is not only a valuable addition to any garden or balcony, but it will brighten up your surroundings with its charming smile!

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This unique oak bee hotel CASA SMILEY in the shape of a smiling smiley not only offers wild bees a cozy home, but will also...

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Outdoor & Garden

After the winter season, every year we look forward to the first days of spring and the upcoming summer. The garden becomes a second living room and life takes place mainly outside. The days feel lighter with sunshine in nature, we really blossom. We spend many pleasant hours in our garden, on the terrace or on the balcony, whether for barbecuing, relaxing or working. A garden not only lives through the design with plants, but is also a precious habitat for many animals. We all love you, the birds, hedgehogs, squirrels and fish in the pond. Turn your garden into a little oasis of well-being with stylish garden furniture and beautiful garden accessories such as birdhouses, fireplaces, birdbaths and plant pots. You can find ideas for a modern garden decoration at uccellino - get inspired!

Garden furniture

Summer - we have been waiting for it anxiously and would like to be outside all day long. With garden furniture, we set up favorite spots on the terrace or on the balcony, where we like to retreat or have a delicious meal outdoors with friends and family. Mobile smaller garden furniture helps us to change our seats again and again, depending on our mood and space needs. If the shade moves, the small table can simply move with it. Large sturdy garden furniture provides us with a permanent outdoor seating area, such as a patio dining area.

Garden accessories

The garden becomes an outdoor living area for the summer season and to make it really cozy you can set beautiful accents with high-quality and original garden decoration in your garden and give your green oasis that certain something. Depending on the season and the time of year, you can set lots of sophisticated accents with a creative garden decoration, so that flower beds, lawns, the terrace or the pond become a magical eye-catcher. Let yourself be enchanted by our beautiful decoration ideas and transform your garden into a little paradise. Accessories

Fire bowls & Barbecue baskets

Not always the nights remain as tepid as we would like and to be able to linger longer outside on beautiful starry nights. An open fire in a fire bowl or fire basket brings not only additional warmth, but also a very urban lifestyle.


From a bird's eye view, bird feeders are little restaurants for our birds. And what would a garden be without the lively activity of birds and their chirping. Whether hanging birdhouses or freestanding in the garden, they are a beautiful garden decoration all year round for every bird lover. 

Planters & Planter Pots

Planters made of natural materials in various shapes, sizes and materials complement our potted plants and provide a beautiful base for plants on the balcony or patio. They accentuate, structure or screen. Be sure to use weatherproof materials.