Wood is a living material...
and just like man it has grown over many years, has its own history and breathes!

For wood every centimeter in diameter means several years of longer growth in nature. For our solid wood products we need tree trunks with a good 300 years of growth. These must be stored outdoors for several years before processing, as technical drying is not possible in these dimensions.

Also, wood in these thicknesses cannot be dried without cracking, but these are exactly the desired stylistic elements of our minimalist solid wood products and underline the character "natural-pur".
The multiple oiled surface sets a deliberate counterpoint with its velvety soft shimmer. uccellino uses only first-class wood for durable products.


The so-called smoking is a process which, with the high tannic acid content of oak combined with ammonia as a base, causes a natural discoloration of the wood. The different warm chocolate tones are due to the different tannic acid contents of the wood. If the wood is not completely kerned, visible light sapwood zones appear after smoking. But it is precisely these light inclusions that give the products - unlike with colored woods - an unmistakable character and make each product unique. The smoking process is resistant to aging and light to a large extent and the wood becomes more supple and less brittle due to the formation of salts. The ammonia required for the production process is neutralized after smoking and converted to ammonium sulfate, which is used as a liquid fertilizer in agriculture. Thus no waste products are produced.


All solid woods are from native, sustainably managed, mostly certified (FSC-SCS + PEFC) forests and therefore reproducible.
The smoked wood does not contain any substances harmful to health.