• Black round solid douglas fir seat stool yakisugi exposed
  • Black round table with black round seat stool solid wood yakisugi
  • Detail photo black surface structure yakisugi
Black round solid douglas fir seat stool yakisugi exposed

Stool WAIST 46 | yakisugi

Stool burnt in the old Japanese firing technique

  • black
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The stool WAIST 46 is turned by hand from a trunk of Douglas fir. The perfectly twisted, slightly waisted shape is a conscious counterpoint to the original and pure charm of the solid wood with all its cracks, knots and inclusions.
The wood is then in the old Japanese firing technique 'yakisugi' or 'charcoaled', whereby the top layer of wood is carefully burnt with great sensitivity by controlled baking, creating a unique surface layer of charcoal.
With the subsequent final treatment with special oils, the wood surface remains protected.
Due to the perfect seat height, the stool is very comfortable, even when sitting for long periods, because you sit very upright on it.
The stool fits perfectly to our blackwood table WAIST 70.

Material : Douglas

Color : black

Dimension : Ø 35 cm | H 46 cm

Manufacture : hand made in Germany

Details : In these dimensions, wood cannot be dried without cracking, but these are welcome style elements of our minimalist solid wood products and underline the character of "pure nature".

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