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3,790.00 €

The solid wood seat bench TRONC de LUXE is not only an eye-catcher but also super comfortable.
Whether in a generous loft, in front of the fireplace or in the hallway, this design...

1,700.00 €

TRONC is suitable as a bench and coffee table and adapts self-confidently to almost any furnishing style.
The top is made of a solid oak trunk.
Cracks in the wood underline the pure...

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Benches - For more sitting places

Benches have been an important part of our home culture for centuries and have a long and interesting history. The first benches were used in ancient times and served as seating at public events. In the Middle Ages, benches were widely used in churches, where they were often made of stone or wood and served as seating for churchgoers. Today, benches are an important part of our daily lives and are used both indoors and outdoors. Nowadays, a bench is not only a practical seat, but also a design element for your home.

Benches - multifunctional talents

Benches are multifunctional seating furniture that can seat several people, making them a space-saving alternative to chairs - people move together on benches! They are used in various areas such as parks, beer gardens, churches, schools, but also in interiors such as dining rooms and hallways.
The variety of benches is large and depending on the area of use, different materials such as wood, metal, plastic or stone are used, which makes benches differ in durability, maintenance and appearance. Benches are usually without backrests, but there are also upholstered, foldable or benches with storage space. The area of use of a bench determines the height, design and material.

Corner benches and dining benches - saving space

Corner benches and dining benches are a nice addition to chairs at the table and create space for additional guests. First and foremost, a dining bench must fit the height of the table.
To make the most of a dining table, corner benches or narrow dining benches are suitable, optionally with or without backrests. Corner benches go over two sides of the table and often still have storage space for useful items at the table.

Upholstered benches - comfortable

A comfortable variant of the bench are the upholstered benches, which are used in various rooms, such as the dining room or hallway. For the most part, they are equipped with an upholstered seat and backrest, providing a high level of comfort.

Garden benches - weatherproof and stable

Garden benches are specially designed for outdoor use and therefore must be weatherproof and sturdy. They are usually made of wood, metal or plastic and can be available with or without backrest and armrests. Garden benches provide a comfortable place to sit in the garden, on the terrace or balcony and can be used as a solitary seat or as part of a garden furniture group.
They come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes, allowing you to customize your outdoor space.

Beer benches - foldable

Beer benches are often made of a wooden plate with a metal frame and are mainly used in beer gardens or folk festivals. They consist of a long bench and a table, which is placed between the benches. These benches are easy to transport and can be quickly set up to accommodate a large number of people when needed.

Chest benches - provide storage space

Chest benches are benches that have an integrated storage space. Most often, this is located under the seat and can be opened by a hinged lid part. The storage space offers room for various things such as blankets, pillows or toys. Chest benches can be purchased in different sizes and designs, depending on your taste and needs. They are not only practical, but also visually appealing and can be used as additional seating or storage space. Chest benches are a great choice especially for small spaces or for people who need a lot of storage space.

Shoe benches - functional

An important feature of shoe benches is their functionality. They not only provide a comfortable place to sit, but also a practical way to store and put on shoes. Thus, they contribute to the order and cleanliness of the entrance area and facilitate everyday life.

Bedroom benches - comfortable

Bedroom benches are a nice addition to the bedroom and offer storage space for blankets, pillows or clothes, in addition to an extra place to sit. They can be available in different sizes and designs, matching the interior style of the bedroom. An important factor is comfort, so upholstered benches are especially popular. Bedroom benches are a practical and versatile piece of furniture that gives the room a cozy atmosphere.