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Wall shelves SCALA 2 with 3 hooks and storage are very suitable as a kitchen shelves. Whether for the storage of spices, cook books or other kitchen utensils, the wall shelves keeps everything...

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Bathroom shelves - Organization with style for the bathroom

Bathroom shelves are more than just functional pieces of furniture - they are a great way to organize your bathroom while adding a touch of style and design. A bathroom shelf creates storage space for beauty products, towels or small accessories.

Hanging shelves in the bathroom - Space-saving solution with style

Hanging shelves are a perfect choice for space-saving yet stylish solutions. They offer a practical way to create additional storage space without taking up valuable floor space and can be positioned where the items are needed. Hanging shelves also give your bathroom an airy and open atmosphere. They look light and create a modern, minimalist ambience and make the room appear larger, as there is still a clear view of the floor. Thanks to their flexible mounting options, hanging shelves can be installed in various places in the bathroom. They can be installed above the toilet, next to the washbasin or even above the bathtub, depending on individual needs and available wall space. With open hanging shelves, you can display your bathroom utensils and accessories in style, giving your bathroom a cozy ambience. Whether an elegant glass shelf, solid wooden shelf or robust metal shelf, hanging shelves offer a variety of design options to suit any interior style. As hanging shelves are not in direct contact with the floor, they are easier to clean than floor shelves.
Overall, hanging shelves are a practical and aesthetic solution to maximize storage space in your bathroom while creating a modern and uncluttered look. Discover the variety of hanging shelves and transform your bathroom into a functional and stylish space.</p

Standing shelves - Practical design feature in the bathroom

Standing shelves are a versatile and elegant solution for creating additional storage space in your bathroom. These shelves not only offer practical benefits, but can also serve as a stylish decorative element. They are usually made from sturdy materials such as wood, metal or plastic, giving them a robust structure to store a variety of bathroom essentials, from towels to toiletries and decorative objects. Unlike wall shelves, floor standing shelves do not require wall mounting, making them a mobile solution that can be easily moved and placed in different locations in the bathroom. Floor standing shelves are available in a variety of designs and styles to suit any interior style. From modern, minimalist shelves to rustic, vintage-inspired pieces, there is a wide variety of options to find the perfect floor standing shelf for your bathroom. Overall, floor standing shelves offer a practical and aesthetic solution to maximize your bathroom storage space while creating an organized and stylish space.

Cabinet shelves - Hidden organization

Cabinet shelves are available in various designs, with drawers or closed doors that store bathroom utensils neatly and dust-free, while the cabinet shelf creates an organized and aesthetically pleasing space like a piece of furniture. Storage compartments and drawers allow even small bathroom utensils, toiletries or cleaning products to be stored neatly and tidily. Thanks to their vertical design, cupboard shelves make optimum use of the available room height and at the same time offer a space-saving solution for plenty of storage space. They fit easily into small corners or narrow areas without cluttering the room. Whether modern or minimalist - rustic or traditional, in a variety of designs and styles, you will find the right cabinet shelf to suit your bathroom style. Many cabinet shelves have additional functions such as integrated mirrors, towel rails or drawers, which further improve functionality and convenience.

Bathroom shelf - Design & Material

When choosing a bathroom shelf, it is not only the design that is important, but also the choice of the right material. As we often have a high level of humidity in the bathroom, the perfect bathroom shelf should be able to cope with this.
Plastic - Water-repellent and easy to clean.
Wood/bamboo - Gives the room a fresh climate thanks to its breathable properties, but must not be exposed to direct moisture for long periods of time.
Metal - Has a modern look, but should be powder-coated to prevent rusting.
Glass - Makes the room appear larger thanks to its transparent material.

Functionality and choosing the right shelf

To find the right choice for your bathroom, you should first discuss your storage needs.
- If towels, cleaning products etc. are also stored in the bathroom, you will need more storage space.
- Closed bathroom shelves are suitable if you want to store lots of different products that you want to hide behind a uniform façade.
- Open bathroom shelves are perfect for displaying your cosmetics and towels as decorative objects in the room.
- Space in the bathroom: A hanging bathroom shelf is also suitable for small rooms as it doesn't take up any space on the floor.
- A standing model, on the other hand, generally offers more storage space.

uccellino bathroom shelves - Style and Quality

>At uccellino you will find high-quality bathroom shelves for the wall, with which you can present your bathroom utensils stylishly and elegantly. With a wide variety of wooden back panels in vertical or horizontal form, as well as 7 different insert modules, uccellino bathroom shelves offer the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics and can be put together exactly to suit your niche or space requirements.