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The black wood top provides a natural and warm look, while the three filigree steel legs give the lightness yet stability.
The small table can be used as an additional storage space, small dining table, or decorative element for a variety of interior styles.
The minimalist design ensures that the side table is unobtrusive yet stylish into any environment - a timeless furniture piece!

279.00 €

The modern round side table "SLIMBO" with a black ash wood top and three filigree steel legs is an elegant furniture piece that fits into any home.
The black wood top provides a natural...

489.00 €

The modern round side stool PACCO with concrete top and three solid steel legs is a stylish piece of furniture that adds an industrial touch to your home. The smooth, robust concrete slab and...

389.00 €

PLANTOON planter box with stand and a wooden rack is a stylish piece of furniture that will give your home a green touch. The shelf board will give you additional storage options and create a...

from 159.00 €

Enjoy the beauty of nature in your home with our stylish PILLUM solid oak planter columns with a powder-coated metal plant pot. In five different heights, the planter columns really set off...

The TIKKO side table convinces with its high-quality materials and minimalist design. With a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 60 cm, it offers the ideal size as a practical storage surface next to the sofa, armchair or bed. The base of the side table consists of robust concrete, which is not only stable, but also has a modern and industrial charm. The combination of concrete and the gold-coloured anodised stainless steel plate gives the table a unique and elegant look that will find a place in any modern living space. The side table is not only a modern piece of design furniture, but thanks to its practical size, it offers many possible uses as a side table, bedside table or even as a flower stand. With its high-quality workmanship and noble materials, the side table is a piece of furniture that not only looks beautiful, but also offers a long-lasting and robust design.

from 298.00 €

The TIKKO side table convinces with its high-quality materials and minimalist design. With a diameter of 40 cm and a height of...

This unique oak bee hotel CASA SMILEY in the shape of a smiling smiley not only offers wild bees a cozy home, but will also bring a smile to your face. With about 350 paper tubes with 6 and 8 mm diameter and additional drilling holes, the bee house offers enough space for nesting and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for the bees. The round CASA SMILEY bee hotel with its smiling design is protected from the weather by the slightly protruding stainless steel roof. It can be either attached to the wall or placed on a stainless steel pole, depending on your needs. Made of solid oak wood, the bee hotel is durable and sturdy. It makes a great gift for bee lovers and environmentalists, and is a great way to support wild bees in your garden or on your balcony. With its unique design and high quality finish, the bee hotel is not only a valuable addition to any garden or balcony, but it will brighten up your surroundings with its charming smile!

from 229.00 €

This unique oak bee hotel CASA SMILEY in the shape of a smiling smiley not only offers wild bees a cozy home, but will also...

from 229.00 €

The luxury bee hotel CASA FLOWER in the design of a filled flower offers stylish accommodation for numerous beneficial insects in your garden with over 450 nesting tubs. The stylish design of...

from 139.00 €

Modern bee hotel BEE HOSTEL is a stylish paradise for bees, providing a safe and protected environment to nest and reproduce. The round cutouts are filled with nesting sleeves in different...

from 175.00 €

The BEE TOWER | 65 bee House, made of robust and weather-resistant oak wood, provides the perfect nesting place and shelter for various species of bees and wasps. In today's tidy environment,...

from 229.00 €

With its impressive height of 80 cm, the BEE TOWER 80 bee house is a bee high-rise!
Filled with approx. 500 nesting sleeves in different diameters, the bee house offers plenty of nesting...

349.00 €

Modern bistro table TIKKO impresses with the selection of high-quality materials and a minimalist design. With a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 60 cm, the bistro table is the ideal addition...

450.00 €

The MACC marble stool reflects robustness and elegance at the same time and is characterised by an individual, hand-hewn marble top, making each stool an individual work of art. The legs of...

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Interior - Trends & News 

In the interior design sector, there are always new trends and innovations that influence how we decorate and design our homes. Here are some of the current trends and innovations:

  • Sustainability: More and more people value sustainability and environmental compatibility when it comes to decorating their homes. Examples include recycled furniture, organic bedding, and carpets made from natural materials.
  • Natural materials: Natural materials are also very popular in interior design. Wood, stone, and leather create a warm and cozy atmosphere in any room. Dark colors: Dark colors like black, dark gray, or navy blue are becoming increasingly popular. They add an elegant and modern touch to any room.
  • Green plants: Plants and flowers are an important part of interior design. Green plants such as Monstera or Ficus are currently in vogue and give every room a fresh and natural ambiance.
  • Comfort: Comfort is the keyword for interior design in 2023. Cozy blankets, soft pillows, and warm lighting create a comfortable and relaxing home.
  • Scandinavian style: The Scandinavian style, known for its minimalist aesthetic and light colors, remains popular. It perfectly fits the Nordic way of life and conveys a pleasant lightness.
  • Statement pieces: Individual statement pieces such as an extravagant sofa or an unusual rug can put a room in focus and give it a special touch.

No matter which trend is currently emerging, the most important thing is that everyone should bring their own individual touch and personal style to make their home a place where they feel comfortable and happy.

uccellino - Creativity is our engine

Discover always new exclusive designs, new colors and functions, as well as exciting materials and structures at our New in. We love design, look for the authentic and focus on high-quality materials in combination with clear timeless design. Creativity drives us again and again to rethink old products or to adapt outdated functions to the spirit of the times. New things emerge from the moment when a situation, a challenge or a material shows us that the old no longer carries. We like to be inspired by nature and beautiful natural materials and always find areas of life where beautiful design is needed.
Products from uccellino do not follow trends, it is the timelessness we are looking for in combination with the energy behind it.

Material - Is not equal material

The choice of material is very crucial for the mood and character of the product. Uccellino does not follow every new and trendy material, because we only use nature materials and bring them in new forms. Using traditional techniques and gentle processing, we try to make the hidden effects in nature visible. For example, when smoking wood, simple alkaline steam turns oak dark and subsequently oiling makes grain more visible.

Trends - With lifetime

High-quality materials and timeless shapes are the basis for a long product life. In times of an increasingly fast-moving society, durable products are environmentally friendly and conserve resources. And we ourselves come to rest on the inside and enjoy what we have - without consumerist thoughts and the feeling of constantly missing out of something.
However, high-quality and durable goods do not mean standstill and a lifestyle of renunciation.

Color trends - The mood setters

Sometimes we need something new to create change.For this, colors are popular and simple elements to change the mood in the room. Because we are also constantly changing. Color trends always attract us very strongly under your spell, because you create with little effort, a lot of effect. After the cold dark winter we are particularly attracted to bright and fresh colors, whereas in the winter months we like to dive into quieter colors.