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589.00 €

The solid wood stool WAIST 46 is turned from one oak trunk by hand. The perfectly round and slightly waisted shape is a conscious counterpart to the original and pure charm of the solid wood...

589.00 €

The hand-turned wooden stool WAIST 46 is made of solid oak and convinces with its perfectly turned, slightly waisted shape, which deliberately contrasts with the original charm of the wood...

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The MACC marble stool reflects robustness and elegance at the same time and is characterised by an individual, hand-hewn marble top, making each stool an individual work of art. The legs of...

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Seat Stools - Practical & Versatile

Stools are the original seating option and are characterized by their simple design without backrests or armrests. Despite their simplicity, stools are extremely practical and versatile. With soft upholstery, they offer comfortable seating, but can also be without upholstery and serve as a shelf for magazines, remote controls or even as a footrest. Thanks to their compact shape, they can be easily rearranged and moved to the desired location.

The main difference between side stools and ottomans is that side stools primarily serve as practical storage next to a piece of seating furniture, while ottomans are multifunctional seating that can withstand the weight of an adult and at the same time offer storage options that can be used in a variety of ways in different rooms.

Seat stools for use in different rooms

In the dining room - casual seating
Stools can break up your dining group. A combination of chairs and stools provides variety and comfort. Even when guests come to visit and we need an extra seat at the table, stools can easily fit in between. Pay attention to the height of the stools, which should be around 45 cm, to ensure the correct seating height at the dining table.

In the kitchen - practical kitchen ladder
Use your stool as a stepladder to make it easier to reach higher cabinets. This is particularly helpful if you are shorter or have small children. In addition, stools in the kitchen can serve as mobile seating so that you don't have to eat breakfast or a small meal standing up.

In the living room - convenient as a footrest
A large footstool can be used as a replacement for a side table or coffee table or placed in front of an armchair or sofa to extend the seating area. Perfect for putting your feet up and enjoying the TV program, or for placing your personal belongings next to the sofa.

In the bathroom - a practical helper
Seat stools can also be useful in the bathroom, provided they are made of rustproof materials. They serve as a practical shelf for clothes or towels. They also provide a comfortable place to sit when you want to take care of your feet, whether you're putting on shoes or grooming. The stools in the bathroom are versatile helpers that create order and comfort in a room where this is particularly important.

In the bedroom - simple bedside table
Use a stool as a space-saving alternative to a bedside table. Compact models allow you to make optimum use of narrow room niches.

In the children's room - decorative toy chest
Colorful seating cubes with upholstered edges can serve as both seating and extra storage space for toys in the children's room.

Versatile seat heights for different purposes

Stools are available in a wide variety of seat heights, which vary depending on their use.

  • If the stool is to be used like a chair as a seat at the table, a height of approx. 45 cm is just right.
  • Stools that are between 65 and 75 cm high are suitable as bar stools for counters, high tables or a kitchen worktop height of approx. 90 cm. Height-adjustable models are particularly practical here.
  • A height of max. 40 cm makes sense as a footrest or as an addition to seating in the living room - with poufs in particular providing comfort here.
  • If you also want to use the stool as a step stool, make sure that the first step is around 20 to 24 cm high.

Stools from uccellino - Stylish and Functional

uccellino offers an extensive selection of stools that are not only extremely comfortable and functional, but also bring stylish design into your home. The high-quality ottomans from uccellino combine functionality and design and add a touch of elegance and style to your home.

uccellino stools are not only seats, but also stylish shelves and multifunctional pieces of furniture that can be used in many different rooms.

Wooden stool
With a seat height of 46 cm, the WAIST solid wood stools offer first-class seating comfort, as you sit upright on them and your spine is relieved - perfect as additional seating for guests at the dining table.

All uccellino solid wood stools are finished in our own workshop, including smoking, yakisugi and flaming. All wooden models are finished with a very high-quality oil, which gives the wood a slightly silky sheen and also provides good wood protection.