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The pillar candle RUSTIC is made of high-quality paraffin and impresses with its strong and warm luminosity. Due to its solid-coloured structure, it retains its colour even after burning for a...

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The RUSTIC cylinder candle is made of high quality paraffin and has a strong and warm glow.
The slightly rustic surface in combination with the straight minimalist shape fits very well...

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The candle shell of the object candle DAYA is made of woody agave trunks and is unique in shape, colour and size. Each candle thus becomes an individual work of art that delights with its...

Since each cover is different in shape and size, they are sold by weight.

from 89.00 €

The candle cover of the object candle DAYA is made of a woody agave trunk and each one is different in shape, color and size. This makes each candle unique. Like small sculptures these candles...

Since each cover is different in shape and size, the candles are sold by weight.

from 89.00 €

The candle cover of the object candle DAYA is made of a woody agave trunk and each one is different in shape, color and size. This makes each candle unique. Like small sculptures these candles...

The luxury candle DAYA is made of a wooden agave trunk and each one is different in shape, color and size. Thus each candle becomes a unique specimen. Like small sculptures these rustic candles work as floor candles and give every room an original atmosphere and a comforting warm light. Since the cases are not reproducible, we offer to refill the empty burned case with our high-quality kerosene. Or you can buy the wax powder WAX with the wicks WICK and fill the candle yourself.
As a nice second use, the empty agave cover can also be used as a cachepot. They are treated with anti-flame and the bottom side is covered with a non-flammable felt.
Since each cover is different in shape and size, they are sold by weight.

from 89.00 €
from 89.00 €

The candle cover of the big candle DAYA is made of a wooden agave trunk and each one is different in shape, color and size -  each candle becomes unique! Like small sculptures these candles...

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For the LUMO candle, 100% pure paraffin is poured into a milled riverstone. Each stone is different in colour, shape and size, making each candle unique. Whether on the table or on the floor,...

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Our high-quality paraffin wax in powder form is ideal for refilling uccellino candles Lumo and Daya. Depending on the size of the candle cover, our wax for candle will last for many hours and...

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Candles - Small accessories that create a big atmosphere

Living beautifully means first of all enjoying and feeling good - and that goes particularly well in a cosy atmosphere. Candles look beautiful and spread a good mood - pure cosiness. The warm glow of burning candles is indispensable for a cosy evening, they create comfortable moments of well-being, no matter what time of year it is. In summer, candles illuminate the garden, the terrace or the balcony and let mild evenings come to a cosy end. As soon as it gets colder, they are part of a cosy autumn evening anyway. Candles also create a festive atmosphere on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or Christmas. To give candles a firm hold, we use candle holders, either for a single candle or for several candles.

Candles - Material & Design

Candles are decorative home accessories in a wide range of colours, sizes and variations. Even when they are not lit, the light givers are beautiful home accessories that can be used for decoration in any room thanks to different colours and designs.

Tea lights

Small tea lights are very space-saving and are often used for table decorations. The candle wax is usually protected by a silvery cover made of aluminium or a cup made of transparent plastic. Since the material does not conduct heat, you can easily move the burning tea lights without burning your fingers. The burning time is about 2-4 hours, but they are particularly inexpensive. uccellino has the candle holder Stuv in 4 different heights for large tea lights with a diameter of approx. 6 cm.

Stick candles

Stick candles are slim and thin, with a diameter of 3 cm and about 20 to 40 cm high. They are available in a wide variety of colours. Because of their slim shape, they look elegant and therefore need a corresponding candlestick to serve as a holder. Stick candles are often decorated for a romantic or festive dinner. Depending on width and height, the burning time of stick candles is between 8 and 15 hours.

Pillar candles

Pillar candles are big and thick, mostly they have a diameter of 6 to 10 cm. They are available in different sizes, colours and with different burning times. Mammoth candles with several wicks or self-extinguishing pillar candles for a safe burning are also included. Pillar candles are often used for Advent wreaths, placed in lanterns or on the floor. uccellino has the Luna candlesticks especially for this purpose, in which pillar candles with a maximum diameter of 10 cm can be placed. The Riva candle plates are also perfect for pillar candles, also very beautiful arranged as a group with several candles in different heights and thicknesses.

Stone candles

For the stone candles 100% paraffin is poured into carved out river stones. The stones are all different in shape, size and colour and are polished at the top edge so that the inner colour of the stone can be seen. When the stone shell is empty, the candle can easily be refilled with our WAX wax granulate. To do this, place the wick in the centre, fill the granulate into the empty shell and press it slightly smooth with your fingers. The stone can be heated in the oven or microwave until all the granules have melted. Alternatively, the empty fired stone can also serve as a planter. For outdoor use, you should drill 2-3 holes in the ground with a stone drill to prevent waterlogging.

Agave candles

For our agave candles we use woody agave trunks, which we find in nature, hollow out and line with an agave fibre - glue mixture from the inside. These object candles look like small sculptures - each candle is unique, as each shell is different in structure, shape and colour. The candle shells are filled with pure paraffin and have different burning times due to their different dimensions. The natural candles are sold in weight, starting from 1,5 - 5,5 kg, every half kg is a new size. Candles differ not only in shape, but also in the composition of the wax, such as soy wax, beeswax, stearin and other types of wax or wax blends. 

All uccellino candles are made from pure paraffin, a product that is created when petroleum is extracted. Paraffin candles are inexpensive and usually burn longer than candles made from other types of wax.

  • Paraffin is obtained as a by-product from petroleum refining. It is the most common and cheapest candle raw material.
  • Stearin is a vegetable candle wax. Stearin candles emit less soot than paraffin candles and are also biodegradable.
  • Soy wax is made from soy oil. Soy wax candles are particularly convincing due to their non-toxic combustion and environmentally friendly production.
  • Beeswax is the most expensive type of candle wax because the raw material is very scarce. Genuine beeswax candles are characterised by their typical yellow colour and delicate honey aroma.

uccellino does not use any fragrances at all in order to let the candles burn purely.

Candles - Burning time

The burning time of candles varies greatly depending on their shape and size. Tea lights burn for about 2 hours and can be lit and switched off again at any time, even for just 10 minutes. The same applies to stick candles, which have a burning time of between 8 and 15 hours. With pillar candles it depends on the thickness of the candle and whether one wick or several wicks form the burning plate. The basic rule for large candles is to let the candle burn for 3-4 hours when lighting it for the first time. This forms the diameter of the burning plate. For each subsequent lighting, the candle must burn until the entire burning plate has become liquid again. Thus, the candle burns down evenly and in the whole width of the burning plate and the wick always gets enough oxygen.  This is why large candles are suitable for long, cosy evenings. 

Candles - Care & correct handling of candles

To enjoy your candles for a long time, please note the following: avoid draughts, as this will cause the candle to burn on one side. Make sure that the length of the wick is not more than 10-15 mm, longer wicks will soot. If necessary, shorten the wick with scissors. If the flame is too low, carefully pour off some wax. To extinguish your candle, dip the wick briefly into the liquid wax and then straighten it again. Never bend a solidified wick, as this will break it off. Never leave candles unattended and keep children and pets away. Place the candle on a solid surface and keep it at a safe distance from other flammable materials.