A naturally renewable raw material!

Merino wool is an annual increasing protein fiber, which is already won over 5.000 years by the sheep. The animals originally come from the North African plateaus of the Atlas Mountains and are now one of the oldest and most resistant sheep breeds in the world. As nomination of “pure new wool” can only be called if the wool is won by shearing living and healthy sheep. It is different with the name „pure wool“. This can be won by dead or ill animals or even from recycled wool.

A raw material with fascinating qualities - high tech made by nature!

Merino wool by nature has some very beneficial properties:
It does not scratch | It warms when it is cold | It cools when it is warm | It warms when damp | It does not develop unpleasant odors even after repeated wear| It is water and dirt repellent | It is particularly light with high thermal performance | It has a natural UV protection | It does not charge electrostatical | It is flame retardant| It does not wrinkle

Further processing

After shearing, the wool is sorted by color and quality and washed. Before the material can be used further, it must be loosened and combed - this process is called carding or carding. If the wool is not to retain its natural hue, this is also the time to dye it. Only then begins the actual processing of the fibers.

Care and Cleaning

To preserve all these special properties of merino wool, it should be washed as little as possible, but only brought into the fresh air to activate its self-cleaning properties. If the wool shows pilling please do not pluck it, but cut it off with scissors. Pilling is not a defect, but a sign of pure merino wool.
uccellino uses only pure merino wool for the knitted products, which is processed by hand in Germany.