• River stone flower pot POT-L in stone beige with orchi
  • 3 sizes river stone flower pot POT in stone beige empty
River stone flower pot POT-L in stone beige with orchi

Flower Planters POT

Indoor plant pots made of stone - ideal climate for plants

  • stone beige
  • stone grey
98.00 €

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In the indoor plant pots POT all plants look special. Whether planted with orchids, ferns, cacti or simply herbs, the stone emphasizes nature in pure form. The plant pots are made of a river stone and each stone is different in color, shape and size, as nature gives the stones.  The plant is placed directly in the flower pot, which is an ideal climate for the plant, as the stone absorbs the excess water and releases it back to the plant when needed. The plant pot in beige comes from a river delta and is smoothly washed on the surface, while the gray stone has a rough and irregular surface and comes from the mountains.

Material : Riverstone

Color : stone beige | stone grey

Dimension : small Ø 15 – 20 cm | medium Ø 20 – 25 cm | large Ø 25 – 30 cm

Scope of delivery : is delivered without plant

Details : Each one unique and different in shape, color and size

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