• Dessert plate NOOK - 4
  • Dessert plate NOOK decorated
Dessert plate NOOK - 4

Dessert plate NOOK

Plate with asymmetrical depression

  • ebano
  • carrara white
  • nero
  • macarel
85.00 €

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The high quality and extraordinary NOOK plate with its asymmetrical recess looks playful and modern at the same time. The characteristic grain of the marble underlines the extravagance and makes the plates a stylish table decoration for every table.
Whether as a dessert plate, starter or cake plate, the Nook finds many uses in different types of marble and can be beautifully complemented by sushi plates and dinner plates.

Material : Marble

Color :

Dimension :

Details : Not suitable for acidic foods.

Care advice : wash by hand

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