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A noble eye-catcher for the set table
We agree - placemats look, above all, simply beautiful! They create an inviting atmosphere in the kitchen and dining room and turn the dining event into pure pleasure. Dinner plates turn any table setting into a stylish festive table and are an essential part of a celebration meal. Whether modern or classic, match any dinnerware and many other products from uccellino. - A timeless coaster for special occasions.

Function of placemats
However, the placemats not only look good, but also act as plate coasters while the menu plates of the respective course are replaced and placed on the placemats. In the same time, these also work as place settings and decorate the table before and between courses. Saucers are more flat and larger in size than plates, which protects the table as well as the tablecloth from dirt. At uccellino, the dinner plates have a diameter of 35 cm.

The plates are also directly suitable for arranging and serving food. On our river stone dinner plates you can serve any food, on the marble plates we recommend food without acid. The wooden plates are best used for dry pastries or fruits. Also as serving plates at parties and buffets our design objects can be used in many ways and catch the eye of every guest. The flat saucers serve not only bread and pastries, but also beautifully arranged fruit and vegetables look amazing on them. The marble plates also work perfectly as a sausage and cheese plate, as a pie plates for the favorite pastries and cake plate. Our organically shaped river stone plates also serve perfectly as a base for a pizza as well as a trivet due to their heat resistance.

Material and Shape
Since the exclusive plates are used for special occasions, they should be well matched with your tableware. Depending on your interior style, placemats with different looks are suitable. At uccellino, you can choose between oak wood, plywood, marble and river stone materials. Each board is unique with different grain.

A wooden place plate impresses with its simple design and the versatile combinability with other materials. For the stable wooden boards we use oak and high-quality plywood. For example, in a rustic country house style, wooden saucers fit perfectly. Placemats made of marble look elegant and look good on a traditional table setting. The noble as well as simple look in high quality allows for stylish decorating or serving of food. Marble plates from uccellino are not only black or white, but can be used in a variety of ways and fit wonderfully into a modern style of living. The river stone place plate is standing out with its robust material and fulfills certain requirements for a perfect serving tray. Due to their solid workmanship, the stone plates offer cold and heat resistance from -20°C to + 200°C, are largely scratch resistant, dishwasher safe, less sensitive to acid than other natural stones and are thus more resistant to odors and discoloration. The handcrafted stone plates can therefore also be placed in the oven for heating food or preheating. To a festive table, Riverstone placemats give an individual look.

In addition, the choice of shape is crucial for the desired mood at the table. A modern and minimalist style prefers square shapes. Round placemats exude an atmosphere of softness and harmony. The organic shape of the river stone creates an individual and personal mood.

Cleaning and Care
To keep your placemats in good condition for a long time, it is necessary to clean them regular and careful at the same time. The use of natural dishwashing liquids is optional in this regard. Wooden plates should generally not be put in the dishwasher, as heat and prolonged exposure to water in the dishwasher can cause them to become brittle and deform. It is also important that the board is completely dry before putting it back in the cabinet. To clean the marble boards, we recommend washing them by hand as well. The river stone, on the other hand, is dishwasher safe.

Tip: To ensure that wooden place settings retain their natural shine, you should rub them with a thin layer of oil from time to time. For this purpose, we offer our wood oil in a small bottle. As an alternative, you can use sunflower oil, kerosene oil or olive oil.