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  • Stool Yakisugi Black Single
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Stool Yakisugi Black

Stool KLOTZKI | yakisugi

Side stool cooled in traditional firing technique

  • OAK
  • black
489.00 €

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The classic style KLOTZKI is particularly expressive in the old Japanese firing technique 'Yakisugi' and creates an extraordinary and charismatic living atmosphere.
These Blackwood Styles are charred using the centuries-old traditional wood-burning technique, whereby the top layer of wood is carefully burnt with a great deal of dexterity by controlled baking, creating a unique surface layer of charcoal.
Due to the final treatment based on organic resin and special oil, the wood surface remains protected.

Material : solid oak

Color : black

Dimension : Klotzki 20 | L 20 x B 20 x H 26 cm

Dimension : Klotzki 30 | L 30 x B 30 x H 36 cm

Manufacture : hand made in Germany

Details : In these dimensions, wood cannot be dried without cracking, but these are welcome style elements of our minimalist solid wood products and underline the character of "pure nature".

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