Advance payment

If you would like to pay in advance, please transfer the invoice amount order completion and receipt of the confirmation email within 5 working days on our bank account. You will receive the bank details in the order confirmation.
Please indicate the purpose of use order number, which you will receive in the confirmation email after completing the order.
As soon as we have received the payment, we will then automatically arrange for the goods to be dispatched.


PayPal is the online payment service with which you can pay securely, easily and quickly in uccellino online stores - free of charge.

Secure: Your bank or credit card details are only stored at PayPal. Therefore, they are not sent over the Internet again with every online purchase.

Simple: You pay with two clicks. Because you access your bank or credit card data deposited with PayPal, instead of entering them again with each purchase.

Fast: PayPal payments arrive quickly. Then the seller can ship the goods immediately and you usually receive them sooner.

Sign up and start using PayPal right away: 

• Open a PayPal account here at 

• Link your bank account or credit card with your PayPal account.

• And you can already pay with PayPal.

If you choose PayPal as payment method, you will be redirected to your PayPal account after clicking "Complete payment".
We will immediately receive a payment confirmation from PayPal and can process your order immediately.

Credit card


You can pay in uccellino Shop by credit card, we accept Visa and MasterCard. In addition to your credit card number, please also indicate the check digits and the validity date. You can find the check digit on the back of your credit card. It is the last 3 digits.

If there are any ambiguities with your order or the credit card payment, we ask you to contact us and not to initiate a chargeback! This leads to unnecessary costs, which we may charge you.

Select "credit card" as payment method during the order process. Please enter now the credit card number as well as the check digits and the validity date of the card.

Credit card number is the embossed sequence of numbers on the front of the card.

Check digits are usually located on the back of your credit card. Check digits are never embossed, they are always printed. For Mastercard and Visa, check digits have three digits. They are the last three digits in the signature field on the back.

Of course, your credit card will be charged only after your goods have been shipped.