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Egg holder CUP | Art
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The modern and elegant egg cups CUP-ART makes the egg sit on a small "throne" and is very suitable for the morning grouch with its height. The waisted design gives the wood an unique grain,...

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Enjoying a leisurely meal of boiled eggs is not just common at Easter time or on Sundays, as some people and cultures enjoy a boiled egg every day - for breakfast, as a snack between meals or for an evening snack. With our wooden and natural stone egg cups, you can always serve the perfect egg. The vessels are designed primarily to hold boiled eggs, but can also be used, for example, as salt vessels or serving bowls for dips and sauces. They are also a decorative accessory on any table.

Function of an Egg cup
How would it be possible to enjoy the warm breakfast egg if the practical egg cup did not exist? The freshly boiled egg is placed in the round cavity of the egg cup and finds a firm hold there. This allows you to conveniently decapitate the top end with either a knife or gently tap the shell with an egg spoon and peel it off piece by piece. Whether you prefer them soft-boiled or hard-boiled and peel or slice is a matter of taste. Cooking time varies from four to ten minutes, depending on preference and egg size. For example, on the lovingly laid breakfast table, where rolls, aromatic coffee and breakfast eggs are served, egg holders are useful and can be combined well with other tableware.

The models are not only functional, but at the same time exclusive table accessories that effortlessly fit into different styles of interior design. Both in modern fitted kitchens and in a country-style dining room, the practical kitchen utensils provide a cozy feel-good ambience and look beautiful on any lovingly set dining table.

Our egg containers offer themselves all year round as an original and timeless gift idea. For example, as a perfect gift for a newly furnished kitchen or a move. If you also want to add colorful accents to the breakfast table, our egg warmers in trendy colors are a practical and stylish addition to your decor. The warming woolen caps keep the boiled egg warm longer, so that even late risers and latecomers can enjoy warm breakfast eggs. No matter whether hard or soft boiled egg - let it taste good!

You can optionally preheat the natural stone in the oven to keep eggs or other hot dishes warm longer. The food can also be kept cold. Because the design vessels made of river stone are not only used as egg cups, but also as salt vessels or as small sauce bowls. In combination with our plate made of river stone, the small bowls filled with wasabi paste or soy sauce represent the perfect tableware combination for a sushi meal.

Tip: To set the breakfast table skillfully, you can follow classic table etiquette. Set a small plate at each seat, as well as a coffee or tea cup standing to the upper right of it, with a saucer and coffee spoon resting on top. The egg cup finds its place to the left of the cup, and the egg spoon and breakfast knife on the right side of the plate. On the upper left side of the plate, you can place a juice glass. In addition, the brunch table should have a salt jar, milk jug and bread basket.

Material and Shape
Since egg cups are used more often, they should be well matched to your home and tableware. Depending on your interior style, models with different looks are suitable. At uccellino, you can choose between oak wood, plywood and river stone materials. Each stone cup through the different shapes and colors a unique piece. The egg cups from uccellino have a height of about four to eleven centimeters and different diameters, but the corresponding trough depth is always the same and suitable for any egg size. You can get the egg cups individually or in sets, which can be perfectly complemented by other models of our collection.

The wooden egg cups are turned either in a classic shape similar to a cylinder or in a waisted shape. Some of them are designed with an asymmetrically seated hollow, into which the oval eggs are placed. An egg cup made of wood impresses with its simple design and the versatile combinability with other materials. For the stable cups, we use oak in smoked and naturally oiled variants, as well as high-quality plywood with its unique pattern. For example, in a rustic furnished country style, egg holders made of wood fit seamlessly. Egg cups made of oak look elegant and also do well on a classically set table and in modern living rooms. The noble as well as simple look in high quality allows you to decorate or serve food in style.

Egg cups made of river stone can be used in various ways and with their organic shape fit into both a modern and rustic style of living. They stand out due to the natural material and meet a variety of requirements. The solidly crafted holders offer cold and heat resistance from -20°C to + 200°C, are largely scratch resistant, dishwasher safe, less acid sensitive than other natural stones and thus more resistant to odors and discoloration. The handcrafted stone mugs can therefore also be placed in the oven for heating food or preheating. The set table enchants the egg cups from Riverstone with their individual look.

Cleaning and Care
To keep your egg cups in good condition in the long term, regular and at the same time gentle cleaning is necessary. Clean the wooden cups best with a damp cloth and rub them dry afterwards. The use of natural dishwashing detergent is optional. The wooden products should generally not be put in the dishwasher, as heat and long exposure to water in the dishwasher can make them brittle and deform them. It is important that the wood is completely dry before placing it back in the cabinet. Stone mugs, on the other hand, can be placed in the dishwasher. Tip: To ensure that the wooden cups retain their natural shine and the grain remains visible, you should rub them with a thin layer of oil from time to time. For this purpose, we offer our wood oil in a small bottle. Alternatively, you can use sunflower oil, kerosene oil or olive oil, for example.

Breakfast Ideas 
Surprise your loved ones with an extraordinary breakfast or brunch and a beautiful breakfast decoration! Bread and rolls are popular at every meal, especially in Germany. Try your hand at making your own banana bread, walnut bread, rye rolls, croissants or other pastries. Sweet or savory spreads are very appealing with these, and vegetarian or vegan versions are also very easy to make. As an alternative to classic baked goods, there are many recipes and delicious breakfast ideas for the optimal start to the day:

     Porridge with nuts and fruits

     Pancakes or bananas 

     Sweet or savory homemade waffles

     Fruit salad with yogurt

     Muesli or granola with fruits

     savory cakes, muffins or quiches

For an extensive Sunday breakfast, it is also worthwhile to freshly grind the coffee or freshly squeeze orange juice and to decorate the table beautifully, for example, with flower vases, candles, napkins and natural materials.