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More than just a garden decoration - bird feeders
What would be a garden without the lively activity of birds, their singing, from which you may even wake up in the summer. But even in winter, these funny animals bring us joy over and over again, when we can watch them at the feeding station on dreary cold winter days. After all, where can living nature be enjoyed so well at close range, even in the middle of the city? The natural cycle of the seasons demands a lot of energy from the birds. But habitats and food supplies have also changed considerably. With suitable feeding places and the choice of the right bird food, you can support many bird species.

Feeding birds
Every year a bird species is threatened with extinction. The reason is today's agriculture and denser population. They drive birds out of their natural habitat and thus also endanger the birds' food base. Birdhouses or a feeding station counteract the increased bird mortality by offering the birds a place to rest and strengthen themselves. Ornithologists therefore advise feeding birds increasingly all year round - and not exclusively for winter feeding.

The right bird food...
There are many different types of bird food and not every bird food is suitable for every bird house. Our Casa uccellino bird feeder for songbirds is therefore suitable for a different type of food than the Casa uccello round bird feeder, where you can watch a woodpecker or jay even on crisp cold winter days.
Many stores offer ready-made feed mixes, but you can also easily make your own bird food. Try your own mixture of seeds, oatmeal, sunflower seeds and chopped peanuts.

The right location for the bird house...
In order for your birdhouse to be well visited, the right choice of location is important. Birds feel most comfortable among bushes and trees. It is important that you place or hang the birdhouse at a cat-safe height. Experts recommend around two meters. Make sure that no tree trunk is within reach, as cats and martens often use them as ladders.